Monday, April 9

Flower Brooch Embroidery Workshop #2

 I had the most wonderful time conducting my second workshop at The Little Happy Shop last Saturday {April 7, 2012}. I had a smaller group of five participants this time which allowed us to hold it at the shop and work in a super friendly and relaxed environment. Thank you ladies for a great, creativity-filled afternoon!

Flower brooch embroidery workshop #2: a bit more challenging!

Setting up the crafty table at The Little Happy Shop on Saturday afternoon: each participant was entitled to a sewing kit, a brooch flower base + 2 felt bases, the instruction sheet, sequins & beads and a sheet with a list of shops where to purchase supplies in Singapore.

 Sarah, Judith, Rosanna, Elaine and Irene at work!

Embroidery of the leaves with two types of beads. Each participant was free to use the different beads as they wanted to create their own design.

We then started the embroidery of one of the two flowers. Laying sequins is certainly challenging but addictive as well!

I will share later on this month pictures of the final brooches made by the five participants... stay tuned and check out on my Facebook page or here on the blog...

This was my last workshop in Singapore as I am moving to Japan at the end of the month. 
Feel free to check out the upcoming workshops that will take place at The Little Happy Shop {here} this month. It's always fun to learn new techniques together with like-minded people in a pretty place :-)

Thanks again Ruth!


Katrina Alana said...

Congrats on another successful workshop!

Marie Maglaque said...

Thank you Kat!

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