Thursday, April 19

Batik dresses... I love you!

I am very happy to introduce you to the last two dresses in batik fabrics (traditional Indonesian fabrics) that I completed recently. For once I didn't buy the materials, as my customer came to me asking for two pretty dresses for her little ones (7 and almost-5 years old girls). 

A-shaped dress, size 6-7Y, April 2012

I suggested the patterns, which I make myself, and if you are familiar with the dresses I make, you will notice immediately that I have made these designs before. What was interesting this time around though, was the use of a plain fabric matching the floral print to create interesting highlights.

I adore the fact that each dress reflects perfectly the character and age of the little girl it belongs too. That's what a made-to-measure dress should be all about, right?

My trademark when it comes to dresses: the belt and bow dress is a classic!

All the colors & flowers make me so happy, do you like batik fabrics as much as I do?  


floral print dress said...

Beautiful dress! I love this!

Elsa said...

i'm indonesian
and i'm a big fan of batik

Nanik said...

hellow marie. i'm nanik from jakarta. i'm in love with your dresses. sooo beautiful. may i copy the first design to make a batik dress for me? i'm 33 years old anyway, but really really love this kind of dress :) thanks a lot...

Marie Maglaque said...

Hi Nanik! Thank you for your comment today :-) I am happy that you love my dresses... please feel free to get the inspiration and make your self a dress like this one! I love Batik fabrics, they have gorgeous designs and colours, and make fabulous outfits for girls, big and small!

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