Monday, April 23

A Mermaid Birthday Party


As promised here is my post with the pics of the mermaid party shoot I did last week. A little reminder that this party will only happen in June, which is the reason why I prepared a party kit {first time!}. The styling of the table below doesn't includes much food as I was running out of time to bake and buy "party food" -> remember I am moving to Japan next week...

Paper banner printable by Ruffled Blog 

I was inspired by a party styled by One Charming Party and proposed a similar color scheme to my client: turquoise, purple and hot pink. The birthday girl wanted "something Ariel" and I got her the cups... I customized the bottles of bubbles with metallic gold and purple paper; it looks so much nicer, don't you think? I was also extremely lucky to find wooden shaped sea animal and stars in my favorite craft shop in Singapore {Art Friend in Ngee Ann City}. I covered them with pink glitter paper for a girly touch. I wasn't lucky enough to find real sea shells {at a reasonable price} though, but it would have been gorgeous with one or two huge pieces...

If you are following me on Instagram {@etincellestudio}, you must have seen these pics before... they are the behind-the-scene photos I took while working on this party...

I hope I have inspired you once more... my 5 year old daughter has already told me she wants the "exact same party for when she's turning 6". 

Saturday, April 21

Moving to Tokyo! {+ April's newsletter}


I have sent my April's newsletter yesterday {have you subscribed yet?} and made the official announcement of our move to Japan. It will happen next week on Saturday, and yes, it's about time to let you know!

Sneak peek at my latest newsletter...

I have got a little bit busier than expected in the past month and a half, and I kept postponing writing this post... sorry!

We are moving to Tokyo, a city where I have lived before, and I am all excited to be back as you may imagine. I am already planning to visit the places where I used to live and work, and contemplate how much the city have changed.

I will take some sort of break from my busy life as a crafter, and concentrate on helping the little ones to get used to their new environment. I will also be busy looking for schools and our new home, so please excuse my lack of posts in the coming weeks.
I have put my Etsy shop on vacation mode until I can fill it up with new goodies :-). I am not totally off though, expect some pictures from Japan as soon as I get an internet connection there!!!

There will be one more post on Monday {pictures of the mermaid party table set up I created - yeahh!}, and maybe even another one towards the end of next week - in between packing and farewell dinners.
Stay tuned!

Thursday, April 19

Batik dresses... I love you!

I am very happy to introduce you to the last two dresses in batik fabrics (traditional Indonesian fabrics) that I completed recently. For once I didn't buy the materials, as my customer came to me asking for two pretty dresses for her little ones (7 and almost-5 years old girls). 

A-shaped dress, size 6-7Y, April 2012

I suggested the patterns, which I make myself, and if you are familiar with the dresses I make, you will notice immediately that I have made these designs before. What was interesting this time around though, was the use of a plain fabric matching the floral print to create interesting highlights.

I adore the fact that each dress reflects perfectly the character and age of the little girl it belongs too. That's what a made-to-measure dress should be all about, right?

My trademark when it comes to dresses: the belt and bow dress is a classic!

All the colors & flowers make me so happy, do you like batik fabrics as much as I do?  

Monday, April 16

A peek at my Instagram album ...

It took me a while to fully appreciate Instagram, and to be honest there is still a long way to master it and create the most beautiful photos. In the meantime, it's a wonderful, easy, convenient and creative way to share all the "behind-the-scene" shots with my followers, and now on the blog. Enjoy some photos taken over the past few months!

follow me at @etincellestudio

Singapore, I will miss YOU!

Thursday, April 12

New Net Shopper Bags {Part II}

Ready for some more eye candy? Here below are some pictures of the second bag I completed last week for online Japanese shop Tavolo Tavola... I have called it Myosotis {a flower called Forget-Me-Not in English} as it reminds me my country-side in France and the beautiful flowers that will start blooming in Spring. Enjoy!

Myosotis net shopper bag - April 2012

How is your day so far? mine is packed but the sun outside makes it easier. I will soon start the embroidery of seven passport holders {such as this one}, and I am still working on the mermaid party kit for my client.
I had to realize though that we are moving to Japan in less than three weeks, I'd better start working on packing and organizing things...

Have a good day!

Wednesday, April 11

Spring Celebration {New Bags}

I am very pleased to introduce a new bag I made last week. It is one of the two bags made to order for the Japanese shop Tavolo Tavola. Does it make you think of Spring? It's all about cherry blossom in Japan right now, I hope I won't miss it!

Fleurs printanières net shopper bag - April 2012 

I will share pictures of the second bag later today... stay tuned!

© All photographs by Marie for Etincelle Creative Studio

Tuesday, April 10

To be mailed

Prizes won by Bina in the giveaway I had on Bloesem Kids last week... to be mailed today!

Monday, April 9

Flower Brooch Embroidery Workshop #2

 I had the most wonderful time conducting my second workshop at The Little Happy Shop last Saturday {April 7, 2012}. I had a smaller group of five participants this time which allowed us to hold it at the shop and work in a super friendly and relaxed environment. Thank you ladies for a great, creativity-filled afternoon!

Flower brooch embroidery workshop #2: a bit more challenging!

Setting up the crafty table at The Little Happy Shop on Saturday afternoon: each participant was entitled to a sewing kit, a brooch flower base + 2 felt bases, the instruction sheet, sequins & beads and a sheet with a list of shops where to purchase supplies in Singapore.

 Sarah, Judith, Rosanna, Elaine and Irene at work!

Embroidery of the leaves with two types of beads. Each participant was free to use the different beads as they wanted to create their own design.

We then started the embroidery of one of the two flowers. Laying sequins is certainly challenging but addictive as well!

I will share later on this month pictures of the final brooches made by the five participants... stay tuned and check out on my Facebook page or here on the blog...

This was my last workshop in Singapore as I am moving to Japan at the end of the month. 
Feel free to check out the upcoming workshops that will take place at The Little Happy Shop {here} this month. It's always fun to learn new techniques together with like-minded people in a pretty place :-)

Thanks again Ruth!

Thursday, April 5

Sweet Gift Thursday... // Petit Cadeau du Jeudi...

I found something really sweet for today's feature thanks to my friend Sandy of The Cookie Cutter. Label Fabric and Handle proposes a line of tote shopping bags that are beyond clever: you can adjust the handles to your needs thanks to a series of buttons as shown in the pic below + the fabric is handwoven in Thailand with organically dyed thread. I am falling for this dark blue tote, how about you?

Celebrating Easter {A Guest Post on Luminoso Blu}

Check out my guest post on Luminoso Blu today! You will find some simple inspiration to decorate your home/ table for Easter. Have you decorated your house to celebrate Easter?

Happy Easter to everyone celebrating it!

Wednesday, April 4

Things happening this week... mark up your calendar!

There are a lot of things going on this week, and it's about time to start sharing them all with you...

Wednesday, April 4 :: Giveway on Bloesem Kids
I have mentioned it yesterday already, today is your last chance to participate to the giveaway I am having on Bloesem Kids. You could win a Mini Me doll and a cute matching pouch in a bright red polka dot cotton.
All you have to do is leave a comment with three key words that best describe my creations.

© Photograph by Marie for Etincelle Creative Studio

I will embroider the name or word of your choice on the belly of the doll! What a gorgeous gift, don't you think?

Thursday, April 5 :: Singapore Etsy Meet-Up @ The Pigeon Hole
Katrina and I have scheduled our next Etsy Meet-Up to be on Thursday, April 5 from 7:30pm onward. It will take place at The Pigeon Hole in Tanjong Pagar as usual. Join us for a drink and a good chat about handmade, you Etsy shop or your creative pursuit. You don't need to be on Etsy or have a shop to join, we welcome anyone who wants to learn more about Etsy or the local handmade craft scene.

-> RSVP to the event {here} if you are part of the team, or leave a comment below if you are interested to join.

The Pigeon Hole :: 52/ 53 Duxton Road :: T. 6226 2880 :: Tanjong Pagar MRT

Friday, April 6 :: Gorgeous Easter Craft with my Kids
I have very fond memories of Easter time when I was a little girl... Irene of Bloesem Blogs has blogged yesterday about a super easy and cute tutorial about dyeing eggs {the way I used to do it with my mum}. The kids will love playing with colors and see what happens to the eggs...

Fun Easter craft by Irene on Bloesem Kids. Check the tutorial here!
©Photograph by Irene via Bloesem Kids

Saturday, April 7 :: Flower Brooch Embroidery Workshop #2 @ The Little Happy Shop
I will conduct my second and last embroidery workshop in Singapore this coming Saturday, April 7 at The Little Happy Shop in Holland Village. We will learn how to lay beads and sequins to create one stunning double flower brooch. I am looking forward to teach to my lovely "students"!

© Photograph by Marie for Etincelle Creative Studio

Beads and sequins are a great way to enhance any boring tee-shirt or any clothes and you will feel empowered to create your own accessories real soon! Read this report by Katrina who attended my last workshop {here}.

-> Last but not least, my guest post for Luminoso Blu should be up tomorrow, look out for some great inspiration for Easter! You can also check my last guest post {here}.

Hope your week is as lovely and busy as mine!

Tuesday, April 3

Giveaway on Bloesem Kids!

Today is your last chance to participate to the giveaway I am currently holding on Bloesem Kids! You must leave a comment with three (3) key words that best describe my work! Easy peasy, the result will be announced on Thursday this week...

Participate to the giveaway now!

I nearly forgot to tell you that you can win a Mini Me doll (you can customize the name/ word on her belly) and a matching polka dots pouch! -> as seen on the picture above!

On another note, I will soon put my Etsy shop on vacation as most of the items currently in the shop are custom orders. We will be moving to Japan at the end of April, and I now need to concentrate on the move first. Shop should reopen towards the end of June, feel free to sign up to be notified!

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