Thursday, March 29

Mermaid Party {Inspiration}

As mentioned in my post yesterday, I am currently working on a Mermaid Birthday Party styling... The party will only happen in June, but since I am moving out  of the country real soon, I have proposed my client to prepare a "DIY kit" including all the decoration material, a booklet with details and explanation on how to do the table set-up, booking and design direction for the birthday cake and more!

I am very excited to work on this project as I feel it might the direction for me to take in the coming months if I want to continue to do birthday planning and styling... So here below is a few of the photos that are totally inspiring me for this party! 

1. Stunning beach party by One Charming Party - purchase the party plan {here
2. Mermaid cake by the talented lady behind Coco Cake Cupcakes
3. Mermaid birthday invitation by One Charming Party
4. Gorgeous table setting spotted on Amy Atlas - Design & photography by Debbie of Wants and Wishes
5. Mermaid sign - Mermaid party by One Charming Party
6. Paper lanterns - purchase them {here}

We are still at the stage of discussing the details, but we might have sushis and star sandwiches among other delicacies... Do not only cater for the kids when you plan a birthday party {unless parents aren't invited of course}!

Are you inspired? what are your favorite details in the above photos?


#RosyVousConseille said...

Waouw, Marie, quelle ouverture! Si tu y arrives, tu pourras créer des kit à expédier dans le monde entier! Chouette, non?

punkychewster said...

what a beautiful inspiration board! I hope your party planning is a success! You have such an eye for pretty details. Good luck!

p.s. when are you moving to japan? and i thought maybe sometime in future we could cross paths in singapore!

Marie Maglaque said...

Thank you ladies!
@Rosy: oui, c'est un peu l'idee derriere tout cela car bientot j'aurai moins de temps (plus de nounou a domicile!)

@punkychewster: Thank you so much! we are moving to Japan at the end of the month!

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