Thursday, March 1

Cupcake decoration with fondant {First Time}

Hi everyone!

It's been a while since I last posted. Sorry if I am a little bit inconsistent at the moment, a lot of things are going on! I am currently preparing for my brooch embroidery workshop {this coming Saturday from 1 to 3pm -> all information here}. I also have to post the pictures of the pirate party {which took place last Saturday} and I am making new Mini-Me dolls to welcome Spring... Oh, and wait, I have to announce you a new collaboration: I will 'guest blog' every month over at Luminoso Blu sharing party photos, inspiration and tips. First post coming up soon :-)

I wish I would have tried this before 
and made pirate cupcakes for our party last week...

 I did a little experiment with a friend of mine last night: she proposed me to do a cupcake decoration mini-workshop at her home. Just the two of us, just for fun! I had never tried working with fondant before, so it was the right time to get started. Well, it took us 4 hours to decorate six cupcakes, who wants to start a baking business with me?

Wonderful Winnie the Pooh cookie cutter and stamp from Japan!

We used gel to design the eyes, nose and other details on our decoration; it was not exactly easy nor ideal...

I wish I would have done some research before our mini-workshop and gathered some inspiration to create a theme for all of my cupcakes. Think about it if you ever plan to do something like this for the first time on your own!

I loved making mushrooms! 
my friend also made teapots and it was the cutest thing ever :-)
Et voilĂ ! Impressed?

All I can say is that I spent a wonderful evening with Emilia, and it really had tons of fun creating each piece. Although it was very time consuming {we did chat a lot too}, it felt very good to see the end result of our hardwork. Emilia, I am up to another workshop anytime! Thanks a million ;-)


Anonymous said...

That is so cool! I'm up to join if there is another decorating workshop! Sheila x

Jen@madeinminch said...

This looks amazing :) clever lady

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