Thursday, March 29

Mermaid Party {Inspiration}

As mentioned in my post yesterday, I am currently working on a Mermaid Birthday Party styling... The party will only happen in June, but since I am moving out  of the country real soon, I have proposed my client to prepare a "DIY kit" including all the decoration material, a booklet with details and explanation on how to do the table set-up, booking and design direction for the birthday cake and more!

I am very excited to work on this project as I feel it might the direction for me to take in the coming months if I want to continue to do birthday planning and styling... So here below is a few of the photos that are totally inspiring me for this party! 

1. Stunning beach party by One Charming Party - purchase the party plan {here
2. Mermaid cake by the talented lady behind Coco Cake Cupcakes
3. Mermaid birthday invitation by One Charming Party
4. Gorgeous table setting spotted on Amy Atlas - Design & photography by Debbie of Wants and Wishes
5. Mermaid sign - Mermaid party by One Charming Party
6. Paper lanterns - purchase them {here}

We are still at the stage of discussing the details, but we might have sushis and star sandwiches among other delicacies... Do not only cater for the kids when you plan a birthday party {unless parents aren't invited of course}!

Are you inspired? what are your favorite details in the above photos?

Wednesday, March 28

Newsletter #1 & Random Things

You can tell I am really busy when I don't manage to update the blog at least three times a week... Well, I have got a lot to think, plan, organize, manage, book at the moment. Moving is most of the time a burden, but moving country with such short notice is more than that! Oh well, I am not complaining. Just sharing...

Last week I "gave birth" to my first ever newsletter, and I am very happy about it. I started the entire process last year in September, and it took me this long to make it happen {don't laugh}. If you haven't subscribed yet, you can do it right now {here}{it's free & I won't spam you}. 

Subscribing will help you to keep up with the fast pace I manage to maintain at the Studio; between us it can only get better in the months to come as I will:
1/. move to Japan, the most attractive and exciting place in the world for crafters {such as you and me}
2/. travel to France in summer for a much needed break in the country side

It means that I will put on hold some of my activities {birthday party planning} while planning new ones {workshops? writing?} and pursuing some {blogging, sewing & doing embroidery}. At least this is the plan.

A bite of my 1st newsletter...

Other than writing "first ever" newsletters, I am also sewing up a storm over here: dolls, dresses, passport holders, net shopper bags and a mermaid birthday party {a kit, which is another "first" attempt}.

I also have my second embroidery workshop {my last one in Singapore} at The Little Happy Shop next Saturday, April 7. All details and registration {here}. Join us to learn how to lay beads and sequins to enhance your tees, and create stunning accessories. We will make a flower brooch {as shown in the image above}.

In between all this, I have coffee/ drink/ lunch or dinner with my lovely friends... which makes me remember to mention that we have an Etsy meet-up next week Tursday, April 5 from 7:30pm at The Pigeon Hole. Check all details {here}. Open to everyone: Etsy sellers, buyers or crafters considering to open an Etsy shop,...

Hope to catch up with you before I leave!

Friday, March 23

{Interview with} Penny of one98one

I was looking forward to introduce you to a new favorite accessory brand of mine, born and breed in Singapore. Today I am happy to welcome Penny of one98one!

Penny has been very supportive of my own crafty business over the past few months on both Twitter and Facebook and I was extremely curious to put a face on such kind lady. I did just that by attending the last MAAD Pyjama in March 9 where Penny had a stall and I immediately fell in love for her very sweet accessory line {I shall purchase a necklace very soon}...

Penny Ong of one98one

Let's find out more about Penny, how she started her full-time business and some of her favorite places in Singapore... 

ECS: A short introduction of yourself: what are you doing for a living? What is your background and how did you start making jewelry?
I have been in the buying industry for almost 6 years and have recently quit my job to concentrate full-time on this hobby of mine. I always wanted to do crafting but the busy and crazy schedule that I used to have forbids me to do so.

I had always loved prints and colours and meddling around with /fabric/needles/embroidery when I was in school 10 years ago. I re-discovered my love for them when I was feeling stressed & burnt out from my job a year ago. Nothing seemed to interest me at that time in my job even though I was bringing home quite a neat pay package.
I was packing my room one day where I saw my fabrics, buttons, embellishments again & I felt so excited just by touching them. I guess things just started rolling from there.
One thing led to another. The next thing I knew, I had quit my job & started building up one98one.

Russian doll brooch - shop it here

ECS: Are you a self-taught designer?
No. I attended school at Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts & graduated with a diploma of Fashion Merchandising & Marketing.

ECS: Describe your work. What is inspiring you?
Colours. Prints. Patterns. Birds. Flowers. Owls.

Lace collar necklace - check out similar designs here

ECS: What are your favorite materials? Why did you choose to work with Plexiglas and fabric?
Where are you sourcing for materials?
I was looking through Etsy and I found a lot of designers doing laser-cut jewelry.
I like the simplicity and details of laser-cut jewelry but there were just too many people doing it & they are good at what they do..I wanted to do something along that line but didn't want to fight in that pie with the experienced sellers.   

So I decided to put in my own “flavour” into these laser-cut pieces by combining my love of prints/colours with them. The process was not easy. I had to find the right thickness. Right fabric. Right backing.
It really isn't as easy as it looks!

The best place for me to source for materials is online. Locally, craft supplies are just too expensive. Unless I need them urgently, many times I will resort to buying online.
Etsy is a good place for supplies in fact!

Flower brooch - soon in the (online)store!

ECS: Did you design your own logo? Is there a story behind your brand's name?
Yes. one98one is my birth year & I wanted to name the business something that is close to my heart.
I love owls which is why I incorporated the shape of the owl as part of the logo.

ECS: Why the owl theme?
I love owls.
Owls are wise (although research has shown that they are not the most intelligent but I chose to believe it. Teehee)
Owls are cute with their big doe eyes.
Owls are sharp & determined in their judgement.
Basically they look cute.
(I am just being biased.)

Owl necklace - soon in the (online)store!

ECS: Where can we purchase your collection?
In my newly launched Etsy shop and at Threadbare &Squirrel at Bali Lane.
Threadbare & Squirrel 
660 North Bridge Road (Bali Lane)
Singapore 188797
Tel: +65 63966738

ECS: What is your wildest dream?

ECS: Best-kept secret in Singapore?
Drips Bakery at Tiong Poh Road: they make the best tarts EVER. All are baked by Alfred who used to be a pastry chef at Shangri-La.

ECS: Would you like to share with us some of your favorite Etsy shops?
Here they are:

from top left to bottom left: statement necklace, fabric
  • Jennifer Loiselle -  Statement necklaces to die for!
  • Laughing House Fabric Local based store that stocks Japanese fabric. Very fast and reliable service.
  • Snug Studio - Particularly love their brooches! 
  • Shupg - Local designer who has a wide range of accessories from different materials. 
  • WheniwasfourLocal designers who designed/handmade a range of products that brings back a lot of my childhood memories.

Something to look forward to:
1. one98one is coming up with a new collection over the next few weeks: using coloured Plexiglas and combining more embellishments. Simply can't wait to see the end product!

2. Because I have so much fabric remnants at home, I am going  to turn then into fabric buttons/ rings and more...

3. I will be participating to the next Public Garden flea market in May and this time it's going to be a huge event because it will be in accordance with Singapore Arts Festival.

It will be really exciting for one98one for the rest of the year!

Please join my mailing list to keep up to date with the latest arrivals and promotions!

Thank you so much to Penny for willing to be a part of my {Interview with} column. I am delighted to share it with you all, and I hope you enjoyed the read too!


Tuesday, March 20

And the winner is...

I had this little giveaway going on last week, and was supposed to announce the winner yesterday... sorry if I kept you waiting, it was a really busy day. I asked my daughter Chloe to proceed to the draw in a very innocent and simple way this morning {she's wearing her school uniform}... and the winner of the handmade passport holder is...

Congratulation Anna! 
Get in touch with me as soon as possible to let me know your address and I will mail your prize this week :-)

Thursday, March 15

Sweet Gift Thursday... // Petit cadeau du Jeudi...

Here is one perfect bag/ pouch! Check out the entire range of Corium as there are many other accessories to fall for...

:: Found via the gorgeous blog Odessa May Society that I recommend you to check out!

11 Random Things About Me...

I have been tagged twice {in French by Rosy & in English by Anna} in a blog game and although it took me some time to nailed down my post, here I am! Hopefully you will learn a couple of things about me that might surprise you {otherwise it's not funny}.

Here are the rules:
1. Publish the rules
2. Add your photo and 11 facts about yourself. First things that come to mind.
3. Answer the questions from the original post
4. Tag 11 bloggers
5. Inform them that they have been tagged of course!

The French and English versions of this game differing slightly*, I will adapt it to my liking :-)
* the French version requests to add 11 questions and tag 11 bloggers which is a lot of work! It also requests you to reply to 11 questions by the blogger; since my friend Rosy's 11 questions are quite funny I shall comply.

11 facts about myself:
1. I am a sweet tooth and hate the word 'diet' (how can we talk about diet when so many people are starving?)
2. I finally found peace after getting married and having kids. They keep me grounded.
3. I left my corporate job 5 years ago and I keep looking back and wonder: should I get a new job? Is it a good thing? Working from home is super challenging.
4. Being a mum is the most difficult job ever. I wish to have more humor & patience.
5. I am a maniac when it comes to my bed/ house. I can't work in a mess. Go figure.
6. I am a workaholic.
7. I am NOT a party queen. But I like planning parties!
8. I had my first passport at age 15 and never stopped traveling ever since.
9. I grew up in a tiny village with 99 other people only. (Do you believe me?)
10. I am NOT coordinated and can't follow the simplest aerobic or dance steps.
11. I am moving to Japan next month.

11 questions from Rosy (I hope my translation doesn't suck!):
1. What are you after in life?
Very good question. I guess I am after a well-balanced, fulfilled life. I would love to leave something behind me that the next generation can enjoy. Let's see what I will come up with...

2. Have you been hiding to eat?
Of course! Ever since I was young I guess... Every time there is Nutella at home, I manage to sneak in the kitchen and have 1 or 2 spoons (or more)(while not letting my kids eat too much of it)(bad me).

3. What would you change if you could?
Mmmm... At my level, I would love to improve my character. Be more patient, understanding and never shout or swear. I need a coach, NOW!

4. Is there something you know you should do but you have been postponing for months or even years?
There is a very important thing I MUST do and I have been postponing it for nearly 10 years: to save for my retirement, invest and plan for the future. Buy a property as well. I have shaken myself last night and promised to do something by the end of the year. Time is passing by so fast once you have kids!

5. Weight?
58.7kg last time I checked. I am not obsessed about my weight although I have been for many years. My body is all about curves which isn't too bad I think (now). Ideally I would like to be closer to 55kg.

6. Is there something that you bought impulsively? how much did you spend?
I am not a big shopper. I am quite the opposite in fact which often leads me to postpone buys (small or big) for ever. I haven't been on a shopping spree for months. (You can believe me)(maybe it shows a bit)

7. Have you found your style when it comes to clothes? How would you describe it?
I believe I am close to find it (bohemian chic?), but I don't seem to make time for shopping so it's delaying the process. I will rely on my personal shopper from now on ;-)

8. What do you hate most doing in life?
Dinner time with kids. I hate forcing them to finish (or just even eat their plates/ vegetables). It almost always ends in cries and it takes so long... I wish they would eat everything without a complain.

9. Did you have to fight for something in your life? what was it? did you win?
Not really. I have been blessed ever since I was born.

10. Who do you love?
My husband and kids of course. Then all the members of my family. My friends as well!
Who wants to be loved?

11. How many hours per week are you spending looking after your hair?
The minimum: 20 to 30 mins perhaps?

I would love Ann of Beautiful Revelry, Renee of Luminoso Blu, Sandy of Cookie Cutter, Kaho of Chuzai Living, Peggy of Paul & Paula, Mariella of Hollywood Road, Pooja of Notabilia, Renee of About a Bugg, Katrina of KatrinaAlana, Nina of Stylizimo and Liz of Unreliable Narrators to participate. And there is one more person I would love to hear about: Fenny of F4fabulous!
No pressure though if you are not into this...

If I tag you, you can choose to respond to the 11 questions above or if you prefer, stick to the 11 ones below as seen on Around My Table:
1. Biggest achievement?
2. Favorite song?
3. Favorite dish?
4. Can't live without...
5. I am afraid of...
6. Favorite film
7. 3 wishes...
8. I like about myself...
9. In 10 years I would like to...
10. Best holiday destination?
11. Biggest dream?

I am looking forward to reading your posts ladies, don't forget to let me know whenever you've done it!

Tuesday, March 13

10 years ago... + Giveaway!

Have you ever tried to remember what you were doing 10 years ago? From a creative point of view, and especially when you are a bit lost about the directions to take in your life or in your job, it helps to look back and analyze projects that were close to your heart.

Sequins & beads embroidery on leather {from Hermes} and fabric {from Japan} 
Handbag project #1 - 2002

Today I was accidentally brought back 10 years ago when I found out embroidery pieces on leather made right after I graduated from fashion school. They were meant to be used to make leather handbags... but I got stuck as I didn't know how to professionally sew the leather. And typically, I didn't look for the answer but rather switched and started making  my net shopper bags {yes, the story started 10 years ago!}.

Beads and sequins embroidery on leather - 2002
Handbag project #2 - 2002

Sequins embroidery on wax fabric from Ivory Coast {Africa} and leather
Handbag project #3 - 2002

What do you think: did I stay true to myself?
Share with me your thoughts about my work, and what you like me most doing {embroidery on bags, Mini Me dolls and dresses, birthday party styling, blogging...}. Should I focus on one thing or continue to develop many skills?

I would love to hear your thoughts!

Edit 2:48pm 13.03.12 - Because I feel very grateful for all the support received over the past two years, I have decided that it was time to give back something to my trustworthy followers and fans :-)

GIVEAWAY :: Give me your opinion in the comment section by March 18, 2012 midnight {Singapore time} and stand a chance to win an embroidered passport holder in felt! {made by me of course}

Winner will be announced on Monday, March 19. Good luck!

Edit 18.03.12: this giveaway is now closed. The name of the winner will be announced on Monday, 19th of March, 2012 in a separate post.
Join our Facebook page to keep posted about our next giveaway! Thank you.

Thursday, March 8

Brooch Embroidery Workshop II {April 7, 2012}

Here has come the time to announce my secondworkshop, held at The Little Happy Shop in Holland Village. I am very excited to be given the chance to show others how to embroider beads and sequins the way I do it for my bags.

In this workshop you will make by hand a lovely flower brooch {same base for everyone}, the highlight being how to lay sequins and beads. You will be totally free to choose the colors of your beads and sequins {I will make sure to have to widest choice possible} and I will show you where to start and how to "play" with them.

Learn how to make your own personalized embroidered brooch!

Each participant will receive a take-home sewing kit including:
- hand-cut flower base in cotton fabric + two matching felt bases
- a wide choice of sequins and beads to choose from
- regular sewing needles & one embroidery needle
- a mini-pair of scissors
- brooch pin
- two pieces of felt to practice laying beads and sequins 
- sequins and beads for practice
- method, instruction and direction to complete the brooch 
- a list of crafting supplies shops in Singapore

Other material available during the workshop will be: cotton embroidery thread and regular cotton thread (again in different colors), glue. 

Brooch embroidery workshop {register here}

Cost of workshop: $69 {including take-home kit}
Date: Saturday, April 7
Time: from 1 to 4pm
Location: at The Little Happy Shop, #02-07 Holland V Shopping Mall (over Bread Talk)
* In the event of more than 5 pax sign-ups, a bigger activity room will be booked nearby {at no extra cost to participants}.

Important: We accept a maximum of 10 participants only for this workshop; if you really want to join, it's safe to register today or as early as possible!

Early birds will save 10% of the cost of this workshop by signing up before Friday, March 23.
-> 10% OFF will be offered until Friday, April 6  for two or more packs signing up together.

For more information, please contact me by leaving a comment, or by email: marie[at]etincellecreativestudio[dot]com
or contact Ruth at The Little Happy Shop: 6466-8995

Sweet Gift Thursday... /// Petit Cadeau du Jeudi...

I am going junior today with my Sweet Gift Thursday pick of the week... Honestly, how cute are these little baby shoes? Handmade with love and in pure wool felt by LaLaShoes in Zagreb {Croatia}.

Newborn Baby Girl Shoes by LaLaShoes - US$40 only

Tuesday, March 6

An Embroidery Workshop {Craft}

I am so proud to be able to share pics of my first embroidery workshop today! Thank you Ruth {The Little Happy Shop} for trusting me and giving me the chance to conduct my very first atelier de broderie

©All photographs by Ruth of The Little Happy Shop

We had 10 very friendly and motivated participants and the 2 hours were entirely dedicated to learn how to lay beads and sequins to embellish the fabric flower I had selected. I hope everyone had an enjoyable afternoon {I surely did!}... You can visit The Little Happy Shop's album on Facebook now!

If you missed this workshop, not to worry, the next one is lining up and will be announced later this week!

Keep updated with all the latest workshops and promotion on Facebook: 

Monday, March 5

Spring in Pink {Treasury}

I had a lovely surprise yesterday with yet another doll featured on an Etsy treasury... don't you think my Mini Me doll blends very well among all this sweet pink?

Pink Spring treasury by Florist

Do you feel spring is coming where you live? Here in Singapore we don't have any season, which I miss dearly. Spring is by far my favorite!

For Luminoso Blu {Guest Post}

If you haven't already, check my first guest blog post for Luminoso Blu. I was very flattered to be asked to guest blog for Renee as I admire her work as a party planner. We have very similar tastes when it comes to party planning {or so I believe}, and I am enjoying reading her blog. If you have missed it last year, I had written a post about one of Renee's sweet parties {check it out here}.

A golden party in France via Marie Claire Idées

Discover more gorgeous pictures and party inspiration right after the jump {here}!

Thursday, March 1

Cupcake decoration with fondant {First Time}

Hi everyone!

It's been a while since I last posted. Sorry if I am a little bit inconsistent at the moment, a lot of things are going on! I am currently preparing for my brooch embroidery workshop {this coming Saturday from 1 to 3pm -> all information here}. I also have to post the pictures of the pirate party {which took place last Saturday} and I am making new Mini-Me dolls to welcome Spring... Oh, and wait, I have to announce you a new collaboration: I will 'guest blog' every month over at Luminoso Blu sharing party photos, inspiration and tips. First post coming up soon :-)

I wish I would have tried this before 
and made pirate cupcakes for our party last week...

 I did a little experiment with a friend of mine last night: she proposed me to do a cupcake decoration mini-workshop at her home. Just the two of us, just for fun! I had never tried working with fondant before, so it was the right time to get started. Well, it took us 4 hours to decorate six cupcakes, who wants to start a baking business with me?

Wonderful Winnie the Pooh cookie cutter and stamp from Japan!

We used gel to design the eyes, nose and other details on our decoration; it was not exactly easy nor ideal...

I wish I would have done some research before our mini-workshop and gathered some inspiration to create a theme for all of my cupcakes. Think about it if you ever plan to do something like this for the first time on your own!

I loved making mushrooms! 
my friend also made teapots and it was the cutest thing ever :-)
Et voilà! Impressed?

All I can say is that I spent a wonderful evening with Emilia, and it really had tons of fun creating each piece. Although it was very time consuming {we did chat a lot too}, it felt very good to see the end result of our hardwork. Emilia, I am up to another workshop anytime! Thanks a million ;-)

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