Monday, February 13

Tavolo Tavola {Japanese Online Shop}

I am very proud today to introduce you to my first online retailer. Tavolo Tavola is a very cute Japanese brick-and-mortar shop and {if you can read Japanese}, there is the online version as well. Now the amazing part is of course that Tavolo Tavola is carrying some of my creations!

Etincelle Creative Studio's page on {Tavolo Tavola}

I am very honored and proud to have been selected by shop owner Mai and I find it very encouraging to get such great support. I would like to take the chance to thank everyone who has been supporting me since the beginning and everyone supporting me now. It takes a lot of efforts to bring every single creation to live and even more to the whole world! 

But together we can conquer the world!

Thank YOU


punkychewster said...

aww! congrats marie!! that's such great news!

Mariella said...

bog congrats marie, well done!

Shop Sweet Things with Jeanne said...

So exciting that your products are carried on a Japanese site! Congrats on this lovely collaboration, Marie!

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