Friday, February 10

Laying beads & Sequins {Embroidery Workshop}

Embroidered brooch {here}

Shall I assume that pictures can speak for themselves? Here has come the time to announce my second workshop, held at The Little Happy Shop in Holland Village. I am very excited to be given the chance to show others how to embroider beads and sequins the way I do it for my bags.

In this workshop you will make by hand a lovely flower brooch {same base for everyone}, the highlight being how to lay sequins and beads. You will be totally free to choose the colors of your beads and sequins {I will make sure to have to widest choice possible} and I will show you where to start and how to "play" with them.

Here below is a photo of one of my most recent bags, so that you can see what a more complex design can bring. I have used beads, sequins and "fake" gems to enhance this bag.

Un weekend à Paris net shopper bag {here}

I have planned to include as well some basic embroidery stitches such as running and stem stitches for those who wish to learn them and enhance the details of the brooch design.

Each participant will receive a sewing kit including:
- hand-cut flower base in cotton fabric + matching felt base
- a wide choice of sequins and beads to choose from
- needle
- embroidery thread and common cotton thread (again in different colors)
- a mini-pair of scissors
- brooch pin

Cost of workshop: $45 {including take-home kit}
Date: Saturday, March 3
Time: from 1 to 3pm
Location: at The Little Happy Shop, #02-07 Holland V Shopping Mall (over Bread Talk)
* In the event of more than 5 pax sign-ups, a bigger activity room will be booked nearby {at no extra cost to participants}.

Suitable for all, 
beginners or more advanced/ skilled crafters. I have chosen a base with shadows and lines that will help you keep in line your beads and sequins {which in return gives you the best result}. 

Now I have a surprise for all of you! Early birds will save 10% of the cost of this workshop by signing up before Saturday, 18 February.
-> 10% off will be offered until Friday, 2 March  for two or more packs signing up together.

For more information, please contact me by leaving a comment, or by email: marie[at]etincellecreativestudio[dot]com
or Ruth at The Little Happy Shop: 6466-8995


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