Monday, February 13

A Colorful Russian Dolls Party

Remember my two previous posts when I was sharing with you inspiring photos to plan a Russian dolls birthday party? {here and here}.
Well, the party took place a bit more than two weeks ago, and I am now very proud to share with you the photos I was able to take once the styling was done. The little birthday girl,  Salomé {what a pretty name, don't you think?} was turning three, and I think she had a really good time with her friends!

 Family heirloom: the Matryoshka dolls on the left were bought in Russia 
by the grand-father of the birthday girl

I was asked to style Salomé's party the day I actually styled the robot party last year in September {here and here if you missed it}. I suggested the theme as the little girl didn't have any special request, and I had been willing to work on a Russian doll one for a long time. I started pinning ideas and inspirational photos soon after and really started working on the details in December {discover my Pinterest board here}.

 The lovely Matryoshka card inspired a photobooth...

I had spotted very lovely Matryoshka cards in a local shop I particularly like in Holland Village {The Little Happy Shop} and suggested to my client to use them as invitations. She didn't necessarily want a completely coordinated paper party set {usually including invitations, cupcake toppers, thank you cards, banner etc...} and I was able to source many free printable paper goods online later on.
The invitation inspired me to create and make the photobooth as shown in the picture above and I also based my party color scheme on the invit.

Top: Happy Birthday banner, a free printable designed by Two Brunettes for Ruffled Blog;
Below: photobooth inspired by the invitation

I quickly found out on the gorgeous Ruffled Blog an alphabet bunting banner ready to print. I would recommend anyone to bookmark this post, or even better, save every single letter as it will come in handy for any party really. I got it printed on cardstock by my local printer {S$2/ A4 sheet}.

We had planned a party by the pool, as the compound includes a gorgeous one, and kids always enjoy a dip in the water... On the day itself however the weather was very unsettled and it took me while to decide if I should do the set-up in or out. I took the leap to do it outside though, and I was inspired to do so: it didn't rain!

 Buffet table: polka dots and healthy bits... Crepe paper garlands {in the background} inspired by this tutorial on Oh Happy Day

At the menu {food was catered by Salomé's parents themselves}: salmon & cream sandwiches, fruits-on-a-stick, financier à la framboise {almond mini-cakes with raspberries}, vanilla cupcakes, quiche, pizza and the birthday cake of course! The latter was made by Tatiane Rodrigues, a talented friend of mine whose hobby is to craft birthday cake :-)

Another free printable sourced online was the cupcake toppers and little Matryoshka dolls that I used to make a garland for the table. Matching invitation, thank you note and paper plate were also available but we decided not to use them. Check out Babalisme blog, from Indonesia, for all details and files.
The cute white plant pot is from IKEA, I actually bought four of them as props. Aren't they gorgeous?

Handmade paper lanterns and garland

I had spotted - thanks to Pinterest {again!}, these gorgeous paper lanterns by the craft department of Martha Stewart. I didn't have the time to order the tissu paper circles - not available here in Singapore, and I wasn't even sure to get them in the theme colors, so I hand-cut them all by myself after buying the tissu paper at wholesale price from The House of Ribbon in Arab Street {S$3.20 per pack of 20 sheets}. I needed about 100 circles per lantern, but it was quite fast to cut them all, and fix them on the three IKEA paper lanterns {S$6.90 each}. The result was stunning and worth the time spent making them.

I made the pink flower garland using crepe paper and ribbon. I have already been asked for a tutorial on this ones, so I may oblige very soon...

A party by the pool and fish your party favor before you leave!

Last but not least, and that was the most time consuming thing I have done for this party: I sourced these gorgeous DIY  Matryoshka nesting dolls online {here at US$3 only}, got them printed on cardstock at my local printer and then... cut and made them all myself {32 dolls in total}. They were filled with Haribo candies that came directly from France. Each guest had to fish them before leaving to be entitled to the sweet favors...

It was the first "girl" party I planned and styled for a client, and how much fun did I have. Thank you Anne and Sam for trusting me and giving me a chance to create a beautiful event for Salomé!

By the way, this was the inspiration photo for this party:

                                    Inspiration picture by amazing photographer Charla Anne

Next will be a PIRATE party for my two children who are turning two and five this month! Stay tuned as I will share their invitation this week...

All details in short:

- Party invitation purchased at The Little Happy Shop in Holland Village {Singapore}{online shop}
- Matryoshka paper goods by Babalisme {free downloads}
- Alphabet bunting banner by Two Brunettes via {Ruffled blog}
- Paper lanterns tutorial on Martha Stewart {here}
- DIY Matryoshka nesting doll by My Fantastic Toys {here}
- Coordinated party ware - cutlery, napkins, plates - from a party shop {V-Force Novelties and Toys Trading, #01-37 People's Park Center, Chinatown, Singapore}
- All ribbons and tissu papers from The House of Ribbon {Kin Soon Company, 36 Arab Street, Singapore}
- Polka dots fabrics from Malin Textile {#02-1122, People's Park Complex, Chinatown, Singapore}


Anonymous said...

You did a gorgeous job Marie - so pretty

Marcelle said...

Lovely party!
Thanks for sharing the addresses for party suplies here in Singapore.

Anna @ Around My Table said...

Great party! Well done!

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