Monday, January 9

Latest Bags... /// Dernières Creations...

It's about time to reveal pictures of the five bags I have worked on last December {an order from Japan}... I have loved working on more than one bag at once, imagining a different story for each bag. I came up with funny names, which all reflects what I was thinking/ dreaming about while working on the embroidery. 

I pretty much work following my inspiration, only planning ahead the colors of the linings, pompoms and an assortment of beads & sequins following a color theme. Let me know your favorite!

#1 Aurore Boreale
Probably my favorite among the five bags {with Un Après-midi à Paris bag}. Think of a rising sun above an iced landscape {if that makes any sense?}.

Colors: ice blue, white, light pink and silver

#2 Rose Bonbon
When I was a little girl growing up in my village, I used to love getting a chewing-gum called Malabar, which was of a bright pink color. I would get one for free every Wednesday at lunch time from the local épicerie... I could make the most fantastic bubbles with it!

Colors: Khaki, neon pink, silver and raspberry

#3 Rose Citron
The colors of this bag remind me of the homemade ice cream I ate when I was a little girl in France: strawberry and lemon.

Colors: neon green, raspberry, gold and lilac

#4 Soleil Couchant
Inspired by some of the most beautiful sunsets I have seen in my life in Malaysia and Indonesia...

Colors: yellow, turquoise, aqua and gold

#5 Un Après-midi à Paris
More precisely an afternoon of spring spent wandering in Le Marais, window shopping with my girlfriends and ending up in one of the lovely cafés for tea and pâtisserie {bien sûr}{my favorite being Le Loir dans la Théière by the way}.

Colors: beige, salmon, aqua and neon pink

Feel free to share with me your comments! These bags are not yet on sale, but they will be available in the online shop of my friend Mai in Japan: Tavolo Tavola. Watch out!

PS :: One bag is currently available in my Etsy shop {here}. Click on the link to have a look...

Il est grand temps de partager avec vous des photos des 5 sacs realisés en décembre l'année dernière pour une commande en provenance du Japon... J'ai beaucoup aimé travailler sur plusieurs sacs en même temps, rêvant à une histoire pour chacun d'entre eux. Du coup ils ont des noms un peu bizarres, un peu rigolos qui reflètent bien mon état d'esprit au moment où je les ai brodé.

Je suis principalement mon inspiration du jour lorsque je travaille, ne décidant en avance que de la couleur des doublures, pompoms et effectuant une sélection de perles de verres et de sequins selon ma gamme de couleurs. Alors, quel est votre préféré?

©Photos by me - please give credit if you want to use them


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