Tuesday, January 31

Felt, Embroidery and Beads

I found stunning felt brooches yesterday while browsing on Etsy... 

Portrait felt brooch by redstitchlab

I had to share some of the images with you as I am pretty sure you will feel inspired as well. Most of them are entirely made of felt and hand-embroidered, but some have beads and another one is made with crochet. Do you know how to crochet? I don't know and really would like to learn as my Grand-Ma is really good at it and can make anything she wants.... I wish I learnt it when I was younger!

 from top to bottom left to right:
Embroidered wool felt cuff bracelet by LoftFullOfGoodies
Heart felt brooch by designedbybettyshek
Beaded felt brooches by MissPearlBerry
Beaded brooch by balanced

Another technique I am very keen to learn is making felt. As many others I am usually buying the machine made felt for my crafts projects, but when I see the butterfly brooch below which obviously has been made entirely by hand, I am impressed!

from top to bottom left to right:
Crochet brooch with beads by designedbyjane
Little deer doll embroidered brooch by MissMilupka
Butterfly hand-felted brooch by lannartfelt
Yellow felt dahlia brooch by HeartfeltYarnWreaths

Talking about felt, there is my upcoming sewing workshop next Saturday, February 11. Are you planning to join?

Stay tuned!


The Russian dolls party is over, it took place last Saturday afternoon, and it was a great one! The little girl was very pleased, and so were here parents and the guests...
I am currently working on the photos and I will share them soon, so stay tuned!

Russian Dolls Birthday Party by Etincelle Creative Studio©

Thursday, January 26

Sweet Gift Thursday... /// Petit Cadeau du Jeudi

If you know me well enough, well you would know I just LOVE mobiles!... /// Ceux qui me connaissent bien savent que j'adore les mobiles!...

Wednesday, January 25

Make Your Own Phone Cover {Upcoming Sewing Workshop}

Almost two weeks ago I was announcing here on the blog that I will be teaching a sewing workshop at The Little Happy Shop in Holland Village this coming February. Since then I have made some new {and colorful} prototypes of what you will learn to make: you very own hand-sewn phone cover. The one featured below fits an Iphone, but not to worry if you have another type of phone, we will adapt the pattern to your needs!

If you join me, you will learn to sew by hand a phone cover in felt with an embroidered initial. I will teach you how to make a blanket stitch {to sew the sides of the cover} and a stem stitch {for the initial}. 

Each participant is entitled to a sewing kit including:
- a couple of felt pieces of different colors -> we will sew one cover during the workshop and you can then practice at home and create more pieces for yourself or for gifts
- pattern of the cover
- a couple of snap fasteners
- needles
- embroidery threads of different colors -> you get to choose your own color combo
- two sheets of alphabets in different font sizes
- a pair of mini-scissors

back of the phone cover - you can decorate it as well!

Cost of workshop: $36 {including take-home phone cover, and sewing kit}
Date: Saturday, February 11
Time: from 1 to 3pm
Location: at The Little Happy Shop, #02-07 Holland V Shopping Mall (over Bread Talk)
* In the event of more than 5 pax sign-ups, a bigger activity room will be booked nearby {at no extra cost to participants}.

Suitable for all, including children {from age 7-8 with some ability to craft/ sew}. This is a beginners' class, so it's completely fine if you are new to the needle. We will practice first!

For more information, please contact me by leaving a comment, or by email: marie[at]etincellecreativestudio[dot]com
or Ruth at The Little Happy Shop: 6466-8995

Think Red, Polka Dots and Love {Valentine's day}

Hello everyone!

We are back to blogging after a long weekend spent with family and friends. The Chinese New Year break is always special as Singapore seems to stop its restless activity for a short while, which is never happens the rest of the year! 

Lovely to catch up with you and welcome our new readers to the world of Etincelle Creative Studio :-)

Lately the polka dots Mini-Me dolls have been featured in treasuries celebrating Valentine's day, and I wanted to showcase some of them as there are some really lovely finds to be discovered , loved and shared...

Even if you are not celebrating Valentine's day, some items in these treasuries would make very nice gifts for many other occasions...

We don't usually celebrate much with my Mr. but I have something in mind this year, something to make him feel special and loved. That's what Valentine's day is all about, isn't it? Which means you could make anyone feel special and loved on this day...

What are YOUR plans? I would love to hear what everyone's up to in the coming two weeks... a lovely surprise dinner? a handmade gift lovingly handcrafted with your hands? a trip to an exotic country? a box of chocolate... 

Dream and keep creative :-)

Friday, January 20

A crafty long-weekend...

We are fast approaching Chinese New Year {starting this coming Sunday evening} and this means everything will go slow next week... well, not really here in the Studio, as I will be crafting a storm to prep up for my upcoming Russian Dolls birthday party happening on the 28th. Here below are some of the craft projects I will be doing {starting this afternoon}.

1. fringey garland and wall deco via Oh Happy Day
2. Matryoshka paper box via Fantastic Toys
3. Flower paper lanterns via Martha Stewart
4. FREE paper banner via Ruffled blog

I also would like to highlight the last pic {the paper banner} which is a FREE downloadable alphabet with gorgeous prints. It allows you to create your own banner, saying absolutely whatever you feel like. Mine will read "Happy Birthday" of course!

Check out all of Ruffled's DIY projects, and have a creative weekend!

Thursday, January 19

Sweet Gift Thursday... /// Petit cadeau du Jeudi...

Un petit air de printemps...

Necklace by notTuesday - AU$45

Wednesday, January 18

Pirate Party {Inspiration board}... /// Anniversaire Pirate

As you may know I am currently working on the planning and styling of a Russian dolls birthday party whis will happen next Saturday. I am having a lot of fun and I really can't wait for the day to come!

February is always a busy month for me as a mum as both my children will have their birthdays: my son is turning 2 and my daughter 5. We have agreed on a joint party {of course!} and on a pretty cool theme: Pirates.

from top to bottom, left to right:
skull goodie bag, pirate babies, photo booth prop kit

I have started working on gathering really cool inspiration pics a couple of months ago {see my Pinterest board here}, and I am now finalizing my choices in term of color combo, styling, activities, goodies etc...
I am always dreaming BIG, and I hope to create a very memorable event this year again :-)


Comme certains d'entre vous le savent, je suis en train de travailler sur un anniversaire dont le thème est les poupées russes. Il aura lieu samedi prochain, et j'ai beaucoup de plaisir à créer une très belle fête pour la petite Salomé, sa soeur et ses parents.  

Le mois de février est toujours super bien occupé car mes deux enfants fêteront eux aussi leurs anniversaires: mon fils aura 2 ans et ma fille 5. Nous nous sommes mis d'accord pour faire un anniversaire commun {logique!} et Chloé a suggeré le thème des pirates.
J'ai commencé à rassembler des photos d'inspiration depuis quelques mois, et j'en suis maintenant aux détails: gamme de couleur, choix de l'invitation, des décors, gâteaux, jeux et cadeaux. 
J'ai toujours beaucoup d'idées, et j'espère encore une fois cette année créer une fête inoubliable pour mes deux loustics (et pour nous!).

Tuesday, January 17

Mini-Me dolls, sweet words... /// Les mots doux des Mini-Me...

There is nothing sweeter than a Mini-me doll with a love message hand-embroidered in a heart... Custom made dolls are even more personal, don't you think?
Short and sweet words/ messages work best, and you can also ask for your loved one's name to be embroidered.

All of the Mini-Me dolls above were made for a cute little shop in Japan called Tavolo Tavola, contact me if you would like your own custom-made doll... or check out the few still available in my online shop {here}.



Rien de plus mignon qu'une poupée Mini-Me avec un petit mot doux brodé sur son coeur... Et une poupée faite sur mesure, c'est encore mieux, non?
Les petits messages ou mots doux sont ce qui convient le mieux, et il est aussi possible de demander une broderie au nom de l'être aimé.

Toutes les poupées ci-dessus ont été réalisées pour une petit boutique japonaise qui s'appelle Tavolo Tavola. Je suis a votre disposition pour toute commande sur-mesure... sinon il y a encore quelques poupées disponibles dans ma boutique en ligne {ici}.


Friday, January 13

Moustache George at home!... /// Moustache George à la maison!

At the end of last year we welcomed Moustache George {by The Cookie Cutter} in our family. I had a big crush when I first saw his big moustache and introduced him to my children {online} to get their "seal of approval" before taking my decision to add him to our ever growing number of plushies.

Moustache George on my bed...

... Moustache George alone on Chloé's chair

... or on Chloé's bed among his friends.

Moustache George is more than just a plush: he's a quiet and peaceful companion whether in the bedroom or on the sofa; he adds a fun and quirky touch to any room {especially true on the too serious grey sofa mentioned earlier}and he's most definitely a very good conversation starter. We love him!

Happy weekend everyone,

A la fin de l'année dernière, nous avons ajouté un nouveau membre à la famille: Moustache George {design par The Cookie Cutter}. J'avais eu un gros coup de foudre pour ce moustachu la première fois que nous nous sommes rencontrés, mais je l'ai quand même présenté aux enfants - afin de recevoir leur feu vert, avant de l'ajouter à notre collection grandissante {et envahissante} de peluches.

Moustache George est bien plus qu'une peluche: il a un petit air tranquille bien à lui; où qu'il soit dans la maison, il ajoute une petite touche d'humour à la pièce où il se trouve {et surtout sur le très sérieux sofa gris souris}; il attire l'attention et engage la conversation très facilement. On l'aime notre Moustache George! 

Bon weekend à tous,

The Cookie Cutter :: Shop :: Blog :: Facebook :: Twitter

Thursday, January 12

Sweet Gift Thursday... /// Petit cadeau du Jeudi...

We are just over Christmas and New Year {I am still writing my cards, how about you?}, Chinese New Year is in less than two weeks and then it's time for Valentine's day!
Let's keep things simple, don't you think?

Valentine Card by letterhappy - US$3


Noel et le Nouvel-An sont à peine terminés {je suis encore en train d'écrire mes cartes de Bonne Année, et vous?} que l'on nous harcèle déja avec le Nouvel-An chinois et la Saint-Valentin.
Faisons les choses simplement, voulez-vous?

Wednesday, January 11

First Sewing Workshop... /// Mon Premier Atelier Couture

I have a big announcement to make today. Some of you following me on Facebook or Twitter might know it already, I will teach my very first sewing workshop next Saturday, February 11 at The Little Happy Shop in Holland Village {Singapore}. A perfect Valentine's day gift for your special someone!

Hand-sewn iPhone cover with flap in felt 

If you join me, you will learn to sew by hand a phone cover in felt with an embroidered initial {I won't stop you if you want to embroider a heart as well!}. I will teach you how to make a blanket stitch {to sew the sides of the cover} and a running stitch {usually used for embroidery}. You will learn to master these skills and hopefully you will enjoy it and continue at home!

I will have prepared a sewing kit for each participant including:
- a couple of felt pieces of different colors {we will sew one cover during the workshop and you can then practice at home and create many more pieces for yourself or as a gift}
- pattern of the cover
- needles
- embroidery threads of different colors
- two sheets of alphabets in different font sizes
- a pair of mini-scissors

Key point in the blanket stitch {or loop stitch}: the regularity between each space. 
Not an easy task!

Cost of workshop: $36 {including take-home phone cover, and tools in the kit}
Date: Saturday, February 11
Time: from 1 to 3pm
Location: at The Little Happy Shop.
* In the event of more than 5 pax sign-ups, a bigger activity room will be booked nearby {at no extra cost to participants}.

Suitable for all, including children. This is a beginners' class, so it's completely fine if you are completely new to the needle and thread. We will practice first!
For more information, please contact me by leaving a comment, or by email: marie[at]etincellecreativestudio[dot]com
or Ruth at The Little Happy Shop: 6466-8995

Tuesday, January 10

Malaysia, the old and the new... /// Malaysie, l'ancien et le neuf

A couple more pictures today of our trip to Malaysia... As in many other countries in Asia, I am always stunned at the contrast between high tech, brand new skyscrapers located next to century old building {this is especially true in Shanghai, Tokyo, Bangkok or Singapore}. Malaysia is no exception, and we could admire plenty of beautiful temples and colonial houses while in Melaka or Penang {check my other post here}.

 A Chinese temple in Melaka

 Wall of a colonial house in Penang

 Details of a painting in a Chinese temple in Penang

 Traditional house ware {the colors!}

And Kuala Lumpur is home to the famous Petronas twin towers, probably one of my favorite buildings in the world. It was designed by Cesar Pelli, an Argentinian American architect, in early 90s and completed in 1996. We still haven't been able to visit it {you have access to the sky bridge linking the two towers}.

The Petronas towers in KL

Encore quelques photos de notre périple en Malaysie. Comme dans tant d'autres pays en Asie, je suis toujours étonnée de voir des gratte-ciels dernier cris à côté de batiments plusieurs fois centenaires {ceci est particulièrement vrai dans des villes comme Shanghai, Tokyo, Bangkok ou encore Singapour}. La Malaysie ne fait pas exception à la règle, et nous avons pu admirer de nombreux temples et de magnifiques maisons coloniales à Melaka et Penang {lire mon autre post ici}.

Quant à Kuala Lumpur, il y a les fameuses Petronas twin towers qui sont probablement une de mes constructions préférées dans le monde. Elles ont été conçues par l'architecte argentin-américain Cesar Pelli au début des années 90 et ne furent complétées qu'en 1996. C'est la deuxième fois que nous allons à KL mais nous n'avons encore pas réussi à visiter le pont qui relie les deux tours {il n'est pas possible de se rendre plus haut}.

© All photos were taken by myself.

Monday, January 9

Latest Bags... /// Dernières Creations...

It's about time to reveal pictures of the five bags I have worked on last December {an order from Japan}... I have loved working on more than one bag at once, imagining a different story for each bag. I came up with funny names, which all reflects what I was thinking/ dreaming about while working on the embroidery. 

I pretty much work following my inspiration, only planning ahead the colors of the linings, pompoms and an assortment of beads & sequins following a color theme. Let me know your favorite!

#1 Aurore Boreale
Probably my favorite among the five bags {with Un Après-midi à Paris bag}. Think of a rising sun above an iced landscape {if that makes any sense?}.

Colors: ice blue, white, light pink and silver

#2 Rose Bonbon
When I was a little girl growing up in my village, I used to love getting a chewing-gum called Malabar, which was of a bright pink color. I would get one for free every Wednesday at lunch time from the local épicerie... I could make the most fantastic bubbles with it!

Colors: Khaki, neon pink, silver and raspberry

#3 Rose Citron
The colors of this bag remind me of the homemade ice cream I ate when I was a little girl in France: strawberry and lemon.

Colors: neon green, raspberry, gold and lilac

#4 Soleil Couchant
Inspired by some of the most beautiful sunsets I have seen in my life in Malaysia and Indonesia...

Colors: yellow, turquoise, aqua and gold

#5 Un Après-midi à Paris
More precisely an afternoon of spring spent wandering in Le Marais, window shopping with my girlfriends and ending up in one of the lovely cafés for tea and pâtisserie {bien sûr}{my favorite being Le Loir dans la Théière by the way}.

Colors: beige, salmon, aqua and neon pink

Feel free to share with me your comments! These bags are not yet on sale, but they will be available in the online shop of my friend Mai in Japan: Tavolo Tavola. Watch out!

PS :: One bag is currently available in my Etsy shop {here}. Click on the link to have a look...

Il est grand temps de partager avec vous des photos des 5 sacs realisés en décembre l'année dernière pour une commande en provenance du Japon... J'ai beaucoup aimé travailler sur plusieurs sacs en même temps, rêvant à une histoire pour chacun d'entre eux. Du coup ils ont des noms un peu bizarres, un peu rigolos qui reflètent bien mon état d'esprit au moment où je les ai brodé.

Je suis principalement mon inspiration du jour lorsque je travaille, ne décidant en avance que de la couleur des doublures, pompoms et effectuant une sélection de perles de verres et de sequins selon ma gamme de couleurs. Alors, quel est votre préféré?

©Photos by me - please give credit if you want to use them

Friday, January 6

We are back... /// De retour...

Hello 2012! 

Happy New Year to you dear readers, I've loved interacting with you on the blog in 2011 and I feel that this year will be pretty awesome with many exciting projects already lining up!

I am back from my short holiday trip. It was great, although not extremely {<- read not at all} restful with the little ones in tow. In case you didn't know, we went on a road trip for 9 days in Malaysia. We rented a car in Johor Bahru which is the first city when you get out of Singapore, and travelled on the west coast. First to the city of Melaka, then to the Cameron Highlands {where we stayed in a little farm}, then to the island of Penang further north. We went back to Kuala Lumpur at the end of our trip and further explored this big city. I was lucky enough to meet up with my blogger friend Fenny of F for Fabulous and we had a lovely lunch {and a long chat}{thank you Fenny!}...

I am not usually posting many family related photos on Etincelle, so if you want to discover more about our trip, head over to my other blog {here}. In the meantime you can appreciate some pretty pix and awesome color combinations I spotted on houses and Chinese temples in Penang. 

©All photos were taken by me in Penang {Malaysia}.

Je vous souhaite une excellente année chers lectrices/ lecteurs! J'ai beaucoup aimé lire vos commentaires sur le blog en 2011 et je sens que 2012 sera une année exceptionnelle et pleine de projets {dont certains déja en route...}.

Je suis de retour à Singapour après une petite escapade en famille en Malaysie toute proche. C'était génial, mais pas vraiment relax de voyager avec les deux petits {5 et 2 ans le mois prochain}. Juste au cas où, nous avons loué une voiture à Johor Barhu {première ville malaysienne lorsqu'on quitte Singapour} et exploré la côte ouest pendant 9 jours. La première escale était Melaka, puis les Cameron Highlands {où nous sommes restés dans une "ferme"} puis l'île de Penang plus au nord. Ensuite retour sur Kuala Lumpur que nous avons parcouru pendant quelques jours. J'ai aussi eu la chance de rencontrer une amie blogger, Fenny du blog F for Fabulous et nous avons papoter un bon moment devant un très bon déjeuner... {merci Fenny!}

Je ne poste que rarement des photos familiales sur ce blog, si cela vous intéresse, allez voir de ce côté-ci: Frimousse. Ci-dessus des photos de portes et détails de temples dont les couleurs m'inspirent. 

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