Monday, December 5

Xmas in Gold, Pink, Vintage {Pinterested}


I haven't been very good at blogging lately, and the only reason is really that I just didn't take the time to prepare my posts ahead and got carried away rather quickly. This week however, despite a tight working schedule, I will resume blogging to normal. Which means a Pinterested post today, one about making Xmas cards and tags on Tuesday, my picks from the current Poppytalk Handmade Market on Wednesday, my Sweet Gifts column on Thursday and an {Interview with} post on Friday. You have been warned!

Everybody must be into holiday decoration by now and I want to share a bit of my Christmas inspiration board on Pinterest. I am also taking this opportunity to introduce you to one of my new favorite blogs:  Citrusandorange. Susana lives in an enchanting house in Portugal and although she's not a full-time stylist, she really should be. What an eye for color candy displays, not to mention her dessert tables!

Gorgeous pictures of a Christmas in pink & gold by Citrusandorange

I have decorated my tree last weekend {in traditional red & silver colors}, but how much would I give for these splendid vintage baubles {above and below}. They are true memories of my childhood, and I want to start a collection as soon as possible. I have checked with my mum, and thank you, she hasn't thrown away hers {remember, she also kept nearly all of our toys/ books/ clothes -> Maman, you rock!}.

Anyway another blogger who rocks is Yvonne of The Yvestown blog, and if you are not already reading her blog, start now {ok, you can finish reading my post first, haha}.
Her home seems to be another enchanting place, and her collection of vintage baubles is certainly enchanting ME.

Xmas as seen on The Yvestown blog {here}

I would love to share with you some pictures of my own tree, but I can't seem to take proper ones yet. It's very difficult with the lights and no flash as my home isn't particularly bright...
I will try harder, I promise!

Happy week ♥


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