Wednesday, December 7

My Christmas Tree + Gift Wrapping

I couldn't manage to get this post up and live yesterday as promised but here it is: snapshots of presents I'm going to send to my family this week + my Christmas tree! I have been sticking to very traditional colors this year again, just adding felt decorations that were part of a handmade Advent calendar I purchased at the Christmas fair last week {from Good Shepherd Sisters Bangkok}. I should have taken pix of those before putting them on the tree!

I like being creative and play with colors, papers, ribbons and stickers/ masking tapes when wrapping gifts... as you can see! My gift tags were purchased in a shop and not handmade.

I hope I inspired you for your own gift wrapping this year! Join our Etsy Craft Party this Saturday afternoon and bring 1 or 2 gifts to wrap, I will show you how to replicate it!
Sign in {here}.


F said...

Wow it's all very pretty. I usually wrap presents in newspaper and tie any ribbons I've got on hand.

One year, I wrapped all my presents in old maps that I found in the glove compartment of my car. They looked so cool under the tree!

Merry Christmas!

Marie @etincellestudio said...

Thanks Flora, I love the idea of wrapping gifts in old maps! alternatively and when I can find good quality one, kraft paper is just as great.

Merry Christmas to you too!

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