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{Interview with} Anna of Around My Table

It's time for my {Interview with} column today... I missed it last week, busy as I am. I am happy to welcome my friend Anna of Around My Table, we had planned this interview for a couple of months already but Anna moved to Europe in between which delayed it.

I met Anna in Singapore and we very quickly became friends as we both love planning parties. She designed the horse party set for the birthday I styled last June, remember? Anna is blogging over at Around My Table and she also recently started an Etsy shop selling printable party sets. She certainly has an eye for interior decoration as well, what a talented lady indeed!

ECS: What got you started with the blogging world, and why/ when did you start a blog?
I've started blogging after moving to Singapore in 2009/2010. I was in great need to find new friends and keep in touch with my relatives and friends that are spread all around the world. I've always wished I could organize tea parties around my table :) so that we could chat, plan, dream and share ideas about everything creative. I've always loved taking photos of beautiful places and things so I thought of sharing that as well on my blog. But as you can see I have no specific target, I blog about various things, a bit of travel, food, inspiring interiors, photography, party designs. Mix and match of all that I like :)

Anna's interior in her new home in Poland {source}
and photo of autumn leaves {source}

ECS: You started designing party sets a while ago... do you consider yourself a "party queen"? do you like to entertain at home?
True, party designing was something I've been doing for some time but was never ready to show it off, and I've never considered myself a 'party queen' :) I wish I was one, but honestly there is never enough time to prepare everything to the last detail and to perfection or as I would have imagined it to be.
I do like entertaining at home, but again I wish I could do that more. The expat life definitely helps, as people are in need of socializing with people in the same situation, being somewhere just for a while. I've always tried to make the best out of it.  So there were often kids parties, BBQ,  picnics, theme dinners etc...

Butterfly party set by Around My Table©

ECS: Where do you shop online for party goods? Any favorite shops in Singapore? 
I don't, I try to make most of it myself, I buy supplies like ribbons and fabrics on Arab Street in Singapore, my favorite place :) I also like Little India for interesting items.

Race car party set by Around My Table©

-> ECS: I remember buying these "race car" theme ribbons with you at the ribbon shop in Arab Street!

ECS:  Do you have sources of inspiration on the web {blogs, website, e-magazines etc...} that you would like to share with us?
The best option is to head over to my blog, where you can find all that I like and all that inspires me :).

A nautical birthday party by Around My Table©

-> ECS: I particularly like the nautical party that Anna planned for her little boy when he turned 3. The color scheme, the details... it feels very "homemade" and simple but with very stylish details {for example the cutlery in the napkins & basket}.

ECS: As usual, I have asked Anna to share with us a couple of her Etsy favorite shops. Here below is a Mini gift guide of items I have picked among her fav sellers.
I might shop for Christmas gifts in these gorgeous shops on Etsy: theblackapple, BabyBuntingUk, ThirtyfiveFlowers, lovahandmade or FreyaArt!

from top to bottom, left to right:

-> ECS: I'm loving the greeting cards and the felt ornaments... so colorful and sweet!

ECS: Tell us of an up-coming exciting project, or what do you dream to achieve with Around My Table... or anything else... 
I have just completed two party sets on my beloved theme - Christmas! My ideas and dreams are great but they should come to life once my own life will be more stable. I have recently moved to Europe {between Germany and Poland as I have families in both places and I try to spend equal time here and there} and next year should bring another change or move! You can imagine how difficult it is to expand my business seriously so I mainly do it for fun right now :-)

Khussa shoes from Dubai {source} & stunning photographs 
of Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi {source}

Anna is offering a super duper cute FREE printable to you my dear readers: Christmas cupcake toppers that are matching Anna's Christmas party set. Click on the photo to save the file and print it.
-> The cupcake toppers match a 2" scallop puncher if you wish to have them round.

Thank you so much Anna for your generosity, you are always welcome here on Etincelle Creative Studio. We wish you good luck in your new venture, and a very Merry Christmas to you and your family!

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Chuzai Living said...

Wow, I fully enjoyed your interview. I love Anna's blog. I didn't realize that she moved back to Europe. (My fault since I haven't been able to visit her blog lately...) Thanks for the interview and great questions!! I like your Etsy shop guide, too.

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