Monday, December 12

Etsy Christmas Craft Party {Report}

Hi everyone,

Last Saturday took place our first Christmas Craft Party. It was held by Katrina of KatrinaAlana and myself as we are both leaders of the Singapore Etsy Team. Seven of us were able to attend the party and we spend a really good afternoon crafting our heads off Christmas cards, gift tags or wrapping paper. We didn't have time to cover the felt ornaments, but it's only postponed to the next event!

We charged a fee of S$10 to cover the cost of materials and refreshments. All of us also contributed some of our own crafting tools/ supplies and we ended up with an amazing choice of stamps, paper, strings, glitter etc...

from top left to bottom left, clockwise:
1. Baker's twine available here  2. A gift package by Katrina
3.  Susan is cutting a snowflake to decorate her Christmas card
4. Choice of handmade rubber stamps by Katrina

Attending the craft party were: Melanie of magsbeadscreation, Claire of FellowFellow, Lisa of florigamigirl, Susan of tiramisuzy, Ktarina & Lex of KatrinaAlana and myself.

from left: Melanie, Claire, Lisa, Marie and Katrina {Lex is taking the pic}
Susan had already left when we remembered to take a group picture!

We are already planning the next craft party which should be held either in January or February next year. Theme: Valentine's day! You can keep updated thanks to this thread in the team, or on the team's Facebook page.
I hope more of the Singapore Team members will be able to join next time...

I have done a little styling of the items I have made at the party and will share my pics tomorrow, stay tuned!


Cookie Cutter said...

Looks like so much fun! Want to be there!

Marie Maglaque said...

Please join the next one!!

Chuzai Living said...

I would looooove to join the next one! Only $10 to cover the cost? You did well!

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