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About packaging {Etsy Meet-Up}

It's about time for me to write a blog post about our last Etsy meet-up! It took place at The Pigeon Hole cafe last Tuesday. Sylvia of BonChat Boutique, Yen of Yen Paintings, Sandy of The Cookie Cutter and Melanie of MagsBeadsCreation were able to attend it and we had a lovely time exchanging tips and information about the subject of the day: PACKAGING.

View of my Pinterest board dedicated to packaging

Today I want to share with you all who couldn't attend the meet-up several ideas and resources {on & offline} to improve your packaging {and your branding at the same time!}.

That's what comes to my mind first: no easier way to create a stunning packaging than using a lovely wrapping paper. If it's too costly to offer it for free in your shop, nobody is stopping you to charge a minimum fee! {this seller is doing it very well here}

Wrapping paper by Minimega via Polli blog

You can also buy cute papers when they are on sale, or in shop such at Daiso {where everything costs only $2} or Ikea.

If you follow this blog, you might remember a recent post about how to use rubber stamps to enhance your packaging {catch it up here}. 

1. via Martha Stewart  2. gift tags via cute tape

All you need is a rather beautiful stamp with an intricate design {plenty are available on Etsy: here, here or here}, blank paper and an ink pad!

3. RUBBER STAMPS {again}
That you can carve yourself or get made following your logo/ message. Here below are a few examples, including a lovely hand-carved "Thank You" stamp by Katrina:

Handmade rubber stamps by KatrinaAlana {source}

Invest in your business, and make sure that you have looked at every aspect of the branding {labels, business cards, coupon code for returning customers, etc...}

Custom made stamps for your Etsy business {here and here}

-> Shop for rubber stamps now.

Why not recycle beautiful wrapping paper/ bags that have been offered to you in the past? Leslie of A Creative Mint is showing us how to in this post

-> Shop locally for Baker's twine {here}.

And yet another easy {although time consuming, we agree} way to decorate your gifts: 

I only started using masking tapes a year ago after my sister offered me some for Christmas. It's the easiest way to decorate everything {from notebook to letters, packaging, walls, windows etc...}. I absolutely love mine!

Source herehere and the last one is by Sandy of Cookie Cutter 

-> Shop for masking tapes here.

My daughter introduced me to the wonderful world of stickers... there isn't a day without stickers when sh'e around... Another easy way to enhance your packaging, and your BRANDING!

Thank you stickers by PrettyTape

Here below is a good example of what I mean by branding your shop: everything is coordinated, and the set includes address labels and circle stickers.
Gorgeous work by GingerStudio on Etsy 

More traditional way to enhance a packaging/ letter: wax seals. Again a bit more costly, so feel free to charge an extra fee for packaging if you want. Lovely for illustration or paintings.
Wax seal and baker's twine set by KatrinaAlana

There are many inexpensive ways to decorate with doilies. I have selected the ones below as I found them a bit more unique that what I have seen so far. I am using them a lot :-)

Source here and here

-> More on paper doilies here.

Infuse your own creativity into your packaging. You shouldn't stop yourself at creating a stunning piece of art or beautiful jewelry. As a designer and artist selling online, you MUST use every possible way to charm your customers. 

Check the last issue of NEET Magazine for a D.I.Y. gift box - from p.148

Lovely packagings for jewelry 1. 2. 3.

I think I am done this year with packaging! I hope you enjoyed this {long} post. It took me a while to prepare it as I had so much to share ;-)

Happy weekend!


Florigamigirl said...

Thanks Marie, what a wonderful account of the meet up - thanks for taking the time. So sad I missed it. I adore those doiley/glassine bag combos. I might just have to adopt a few of these ideas!

Unknown said...

wow, amazing write up, thanks so much for the inspiration and ideas! I often don't give much thought to packaging as I thought my customers would appreciate the savings, but it certainly is a good idea especially for gift giving seasons!

hope to be able to make it to a meetup someday T-T

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