Monday, December 26

Season's Greetings

I wish you all a Merry Christmas, a beautiful holiday and a Happy New Year! It's time for me to take a little break {I really need it}. We are heading to Malaysia for a road trip. Leaving tomorrow morning, YEAHH!!

Last year I was in my beautiful village in France, and it was Christmas under the snow: beautiful and magical.  This year we were in Singapore, and it was Christmas under the rain... not as beautiful nor magical but most important were the people I was blessed to be with :-)

Blogging activity will resume in January 9, 2012 <- I'm looking forward to the new year, how about you?

Much love to all,

Credit Photo: Alexandra Brandelet

Thursday, December 22

Dressed Up in Polka Dots

Here I am after a very long absence on the blog! How is everyone doing? 

I have been working day and night lately to complete all my orders, in particular these four gorgeous little dresses. My client had asked me two Christmas dresses for her daughters, and she fell in love with the prototypes I made in polka dots cotton {first three photos}. Since there was very little to change after the fitting, I was able to make two lovely summer dresses out of my prototypes!

Cream & dusty pink polka dot cotton fabric
A-shape dress/ size 3-4Y

Chocolate & ballet pink polka dot dress with its sweet pink bow {back}/ size 4-5Y

The challenge was to find fabrics "warm" enough for the Italian winter... Singapore is hot and humid all year round and it never gets colder than 28 degrees over here! I finally opted for polka dots materials in a thick cotton {from Japan} and lined the dresses with a matching red bemsilk lining. 

Red & cream polka dot dress/ size 4-5Y

Laura insisted to have her Christmas dress with a bow too, 
so I created one similar to her sister's. 
Red and cream {tiny} polka dot dress/ size 3-4Y

I now have to make one more dress for my own daughter. I purchased a polka dot fabric similar to Laura's dress, but in a lighter cotton suiting the tropical weather. I am starting it tonight!

Thursday, December 15

Sweet Gifts {For Home}

Hand screen printed pillow by barkdecor - US$38

Check out barkdecor gorgeous Etsy shop, they have plenty of other lovely things for home, for you or him...

Tuesday, December 13

My Handmade Christmas Paper Goods

Here I am with the pictures of the paper goods I made last Saturday at our Etsy Craft Party. I only used material/ tools provided by others and some I am not used to {such as the rivets for the gift tags}. I had a blast with the block stamps and the tiny white dot stickers... I hope it will inspire you to get creative this Christmas with your gift wrapping and decorating!

More Christmas wrapping inspiration {here}, {here} and {here}.

Monday, December 12

Etsy Christmas Craft Party {Report}

Hi everyone,

Last Saturday took place our first Christmas Craft Party. It was held by Katrina of KatrinaAlana and myself as we are both leaders of the Singapore Etsy Team. Seven of us were able to attend the party and we spend a really good afternoon crafting our heads off Christmas cards, gift tags or wrapping paper. We didn't have time to cover the felt ornaments, but it's only postponed to the next event!

We charged a fee of S$10 to cover the cost of materials and refreshments. All of us also contributed some of our own crafting tools/ supplies and we ended up with an amazing choice of stamps, paper, strings, glitter etc...

from top left to bottom left, clockwise:
1. Baker's twine available here  2. A gift package by Katrina
3.  Susan is cutting a snowflake to decorate her Christmas card
4. Choice of handmade rubber stamps by Katrina

Attending the craft party were: Melanie of magsbeadscreation, Claire of FellowFellow, Lisa of florigamigirl, Susan of tiramisuzy, Ktarina & Lex of KatrinaAlana and myself.

from left: Melanie, Claire, Lisa, Marie and Katrina {Lex is taking the pic}
Susan had already left when we remembered to take a group picture!

We are already planning the next craft party which should be held either in January or February next year. Theme: Valentine's day! You can keep updated thanks to this thread in the team, or on the team's Facebook page.
I hope more of the Singapore Team members will be able to join next time...

I have done a little styling of the items I have made at the party and will share my pics tomorrow, stay tuned!

Friday, December 9

{Interview with} Anna of Around My Table

It's time for my {Interview with} column today... I missed it last week, busy as I am. I am happy to welcome my friend Anna of Around My Table, we had planned this interview for a couple of months already but Anna moved to Europe in between which delayed it.

I met Anna in Singapore and we very quickly became friends as we both love planning parties. She designed the horse party set for the birthday I styled last June, remember? Anna is blogging over at Around My Table and she also recently started an Etsy shop selling printable party sets. She certainly has an eye for interior decoration as well, what a talented lady indeed!

ECS: What got you started with the blogging world, and why/ when did you start a blog?
I've started blogging after moving to Singapore in 2009/2010. I was in great need to find new friends and keep in touch with my relatives and friends that are spread all around the world. I've always wished I could organize tea parties around my table :) so that we could chat, plan, dream and share ideas about everything creative. I've always loved taking photos of beautiful places and things so I thought of sharing that as well on my blog. But as you can see I have no specific target, I blog about various things, a bit of travel, food, inspiring interiors, photography, party designs. Mix and match of all that I like :)

Anna's interior in her new home in Poland {source}
and photo of autumn leaves {source}

ECS: You started designing party sets a while ago... do you consider yourself a "party queen"? do you like to entertain at home?
True, party designing was something I've been doing for some time but was never ready to show it off, and I've never considered myself a 'party queen' :) I wish I was one, but honestly there is never enough time to prepare everything to the last detail and to perfection or as I would have imagined it to be.
I do like entertaining at home, but again I wish I could do that more. The expat life definitely helps, as people are in need of socializing with people in the same situation, being somewhere just for a while. I've always tried to make the best out of it.  So there were often kids parties, BBQ,  picnics, theme dinners etc...

Butterfly party set by Around My Table©

ECS: Where do you shop online for party goods? Any favorite shops in Singapore? 
I don't, I try to make most of it myself, I buy supplies like ribbons and fabrics on Arab Street in Singapore, my favorite place :) I also like Little India for interesting items.

Race car party set by Around My Table©

-> ECS: I remember buying these "race car" theme ribbons with you at the ribbon shop in Arab Street!

ECS:  Do you have sources of inspiration on the web {blogs, website, e-magazines etc...} that you would like to share with us?
The best option is to head over to my blog, where you can find all that I like and all that inspires me :).

A nautical birthday party by Around My Table©

-> ECS: I particularly like the nautical party that Anna planned for her little boy when he turned 3. The color scheme, the details... it feels very "homemade" and simple but with very stylish details {for example the cutlery in the napkins & basket}.

ECS: As usual, I have asked Anna to share with us a couple of her Etsy favorite shops. Here below is a Mini gift guide of items I have picked among her fav sellers.
I might shop for Christmas gifts in these gorgeous shops on Etsy: theblackapple, BabyBuntingUk, ThirtyfiveFlowers, lovahandmade or FreyaArt!

from top to bottom, left to right:

-> ECS: I'm loving the greeting cards and the felt ornaments... so colorful and sweet!

ECS: Tell us of an up-coming exciting project, or what do you dream to achieve with Around My Table... or anything else... 
I have just completed two party sets on my beloved theme - Christmas! My ideas and dreams are great but they should come to life once my own life will be more stable. I have recently moved to Europe {between Germany and Poland as I have families in both places and I try to spend equal time here and there} and next year should bring another change or move! You can imagine how difficult it is to expand my business seriously so I mainly do it for fun right now :-)

Khussa shoes from Dubai {source} & stunning photographs 
of Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi {source}

Anna is offering a super duper cute FREE printable to you my dear readers: Christmas cupcake toppers that are matching Anna's Christmas party set. Click on the photo to save the file and print it.
-> The cupcake toppers match a 2" scallop puncher if you wish to have them round.

Thank you so much Anna for your generosity, you are always welcome here on Etincelle Creative Studio. We wish you good luck in your new venture, and a very Merry Christmas to you and your family!

Around my Table :: Blog :: Shop :: Facebook :: Twitter

Coming later today...

I have a lovely interview of my friend Anna of Around my Table coming up later today with some free goodie... Stay tuned!

It's coming up, you don't want to miss it!

Thursday, December 8

Sweet Gifts

I have three sisters and many girlfriends... I am sure more than one of them would love this gorgeous necklace...

Rainboots necklace by urbanlegend - US$25

Wednesday, December 7

Poppytalk Handmade {BROOKLYNrehab}

The new Poppytalk Handmade Market is live and as I was mentioning on my Facebook page yesterday, there are tons of handmade goodies awaiting to be purchased! 
I feel like highlighting the work of BROOKLYNrehab today, not just because their creations are handmade, vintage or reclaimed treasures but also because I love Alyssa's photo styling!

Here above is a selection for nearly everyone in the family!

BROOKLYNrehab :: Shop

My Christmas Tree + Gift Wrapping

I couldn't manage to get this post up and live yesterday as promised but here it is: snapshots of presents I'm going to send to my family this week + my Christmas tree! I have been sticking to very traditional colors this year again, just adding felt decorations that were part of a handmade Advent calendar I purchased at the Christmas fair last week {from Good Shepherd Sisters Bangkok}. I should have taken pix of those before putting them on the tree!

I like being creative and play with colors, papers, ribbons and stickers/ masking tapes when wrapping gifts... as you can see! My gift tags were purchased in a shop and not handmade.

I hope I inspired you for your own gift wrapping this year! Join our Etsy Craft Party this Saturday afternoon and bring 1 or 2 gifts to wrap, I will show you how to replicate it!
Sign in {here}.

Monday, December 5

Xmas in Gold, Pink, Vintage {Pinterested}


I haven't been very good at blogging lately, and the only reason is really that I just didn't take the time to prepare my posts ahead and got carried away rather quickly. This week however, despite a tight working schedule, I will resume blogging to normal. Which means a Pinterested post today, one about making Xmas cards and tags on Tuesday, my picks from the current Poppytalk Handmade Market on Wednesday, my Sweet Gifts column on Thursday and an {Interview with} post on Friday. You have been warned!

Everybody must be into holiday decoration by now and I want to share a bit of my Christmas inspiration board on Pinterest. I am also taking this opportunity to introduce you to one of my new favorite blogs:  Citrusandorange. Susana lives in an enchanting house in Portugal and although she's not a full-time stylist, she really should be. What an eye for color candy displays, not to mention her dessert tables!

Gorgeous pictures of a Christmas in pink & gold by Citrusandorange

I have decorated my tree last weekend {in traditional red & silver colors}, but how much would I give for these splendid vintage baubles {above and below}. They are true memories of my childhood, and I want to start a collection as soon as possible. I have checked with my mum, and thank you, she hasn't thrown away hers {remember, she also kept nearly all of our toys/ books/ clothes -> Maman, you rock!}.

Anyway another blogger who rocks is Yvonne of The Yvestown blog, and if you are not already reading her blog, start now {ok, you can finish reading my post first, haha}.
Her home seems to be another enchanting place, and her collection of vintage baubles is certainly enchanting ME.

Xmas as seen on The Yvestown blog {here}

I would love to share with you some pictures of my own tree, but I can't seem to take proper ones yet. It's very difficult with the lights and no flash as my home isn't particularly bright...
I will try harder, I promise!

Happy week ♥

Sunday, December 4

A Craft Party {Etsy Singapore Team}

My blog is also here to inform, and I want to let you know that Katrina of KatrinaAlana and myself have been promoted leaders of the Singapore Etsy Team at the end of last month by Richard of UniqueGrabs, the captain of the team {thank you Richard!}.

We are working hard on reviving the team and the craft spirit in Singapore and we are kicking the season of with a craft party on Saturday afternoon, December 10, 2011. It will start at 2pm until about 5pm and take place in the function room of my condominium.

Activities will be the following:
- Christmas cards making
- Gift wrapping
- Decorating gift tags
- Felt ornaments making {to decorate your windows, gifts, walls etc...}

We will provide all materials {but feel free to bring along some if you have} and there will be some food and beverages. There is a flat fee of S$10 to participate to this event.

All information {here} and you can register {here}.

Join us!

Friday, December 2

About packaging {Etsy Meet-Up}

It's about time for me to write a blog post about our last Etsy meet-up! It took place at The Pigeon Hole cafe last Tuesday. Sylvia of BonChat Boutique, Yen of Yen Paintings, Sandy of The Cookie Cutter and Melanie of MagsBeadsCreation were able to attend it and we had a lovely time exchanging tips and information about the subject of the day: PACKAGING.

View of my Pinterest board dedicated to packaging

Today I want to share with you all who couldn't attend the meet-up several ideas and resources {on & offline} to improve your packaging {and your branding at the same time!}.

That's what comes to my mind first: no easier way to create a stunning packaging than using a lovely wrapping paper. If it's too costly to offer it for free in your shop, nobody is stopping you to charge a minimum fee! {this seller is doing it very well here}

Wrapping paper by Minimega via Polli blog

You can also buy cute papers when they are on sale, or in shop such at Daiso {where everything costs only $2} or Ikea.

If you follow this blog, you might remember a recent post about how to use rubber stamps to enhance your packaging {catch it up here}. 

1. via Martha Stewart  2. gift tags via cute tape

All you need is a rather beautiful stamp with an intricate design {plenty are available on Etsy: here, here or here}, blank paper and an ink pad!

3. RUBBER STAMPS {again}
That you can carve yourself or get made following your logo/ message. Here below are a few examples, including a lovely hand-carved "Thank You" stamp by Katrina:

Handmade rubber stamps by KatrinaAlana {source}

Invest in your business, and make sure that you have looked at every aspect of the branding {labels, business cards, coupon code for returning customers, etc...}

Custom made stamps for your Etsy business {here and here}

-> Shop for rubber stamps now.

Why not recycle beautiful wrapping paper/ bags that have been offered to you in the past? Leslie of A Creative Mint is showing us how to in this post

-> Shop locally for Baker's twine {here}.

And yet another easy {although time consuming, we agree} way to decorate your gifts: 

I only started using masking tapes a year ago after my sister offered me some for Christmas. It's the easiest way to decorate everything {from notebook to letters, packaging, walls, windows etc...}. I absolutely love mine!

Source herehere and the last one is by Sandy of Cookie Cutter 

-> Shop for masking tapes here.

My daughter introduced me to the wonderful world of stickers... there isn't a day without stickers when sh'e around... Another easy way to enhance your packaging, and your BRANDING!

Thank you stickers by PrettyTape

Here below is a good example of what I mean by branding your shop: everything is coordinated, and the set includes address labels and circle stickers.
Gorgeous work by GingerStudio on Etsy 

More traditional way to enhance a packaging/ letter: wax seals. Again a bit more costly, so feel free to charge an extra fee for packaging if you want. Lovely for illustration or paintings.
Wax seal and baker's twine set by KatrinaAlana

There are many inexpensive ways to decorate with doilies. I have selected the ones below as I found them a bit more unique that what I have seen so far. I am using them a lot :-)

Source here and here

-> More on paper doilies here.

Infuse your own creativity into your packaging. You shouldn't stop yourself at creating a stunning piece of art or beautiful jewelry. As a designer and artist selling online, you MUST use every possible way to charm your customers. 

Check the last issue of NEET Magazine for a D.I.Y. gift box - from p.148

Lovely packagings for jewelry 1. 2. 3.

I think I am done this year with packaging! I hope you enjoyed this {long} post. It took me a while to prepare it as I had so much to share ;-)

Happy weekend!

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