Friday, November 11

Work in progress {Sneak Peek}

I figured I would share with you one of the projects I am working on at the moment... A lovely Moroccan bag in turquoise, aqua, mint and silver colors. I have nearly completed the embroidery, I will then select the pompom trim and the lining. Do you like it?

 Turquoise Moroccan bag
* hand embroidery with aqua, mint & silver sequins and silver & turquoise beads *

Here below is the selection of mesh bags currently available for customization. I have long and short handles bags but I am also currently working on proposing the bags with different handles {in leather, transparent plexiglas, bamboo...}. 
I am still taking orders for Christmas, feel free to contact me: marie[at]etincellecreativestudio[dot]com


wdn th said...
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#RosyVousConseille said...

Ben voilà, tu as des fans, maintenant!
Ce sac, l'inspiration marocaine, tu effectue un retour aux sources? Il est beau et les différentes hanses, c'est une super idée et un grand plus.

Marie @etincellestudio said...

Merci ma belle! retour aux sources je ne sais pas... haha. C'est l'occasion qui a fait que j'ai trouve ce tissu alors que je cherchais de grosses fleurs en imprime (a la japonaise). Il est temps que j'apporte des transformations a ces sacs!!

Fenny Setiawan said...

I love this color Marie. I think is very refreshing. Can't wait to see more bags at your lovely store.

I just came back from Indonesia and no internet for a week, feel good surprisingly haha. Will revert your email asap.

Love u.

Marie Maglaque said...

Thank you for your support and feedback Fenny! Very very much appreciated :-)
I am currently working on 3 bags at the same time: 2 for the upcoming fair next week and 1 custom order... busy!

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