Monday, November 7

Rubber Stamps & Packaging {Pinterest}

Starting the week with a public holiday {it's Hari Raya here in Singapore} doesn't sound too bad, does it? 
I have put together a super inspiring blog post for you today. I wanted to share more about my Pinterest boards as they are playing an important role in my creative life these days.

Since we have our monthly Singapore Etsy team meet-up tomorrow* where we'll talk about packaging/ wrapping gifts and since I attended a great rubber stamp workshop last Friday {again at The Little happy Shop}, I thought of sharing my favs of my Rubber Stamps and Packaging boards.

#1 Stamping your own wrapping paper/ tags 
Using kraft or plain paper and a {big!} stamp with an intricate motif such as the ones used in the photos below. I am in love with the gift tags pictured on the right, such a clever and easy way to decorate gifts.
I have spotted a similar stamp {here} and {this one} allows you to write something in the middle.

1. via Martha Stewart  2. gift tags via cute tape

#2 Using all sorts of stamps + stickers & masking tapes
This blog post by Oh Hello Friend shows it all... "everyday stamps" or office stamps can go a long way into adding a fun touch to your packaging {think of date, time, a note...}. Teamed with cute masking tapes and fun stickers is adding a very personal touch. In her post, Dani shows you how to create a coordinated packaging to several gift.

#3 Using SHAPED eraser can do the trick + stamping & drawing
If you are not into carving your own stamps, use shaped erasers to create fun decoration. Add a little bit of drawing {no special skills requested here} and you've got a whole new look to a borrowing packaging. 
Super great blog post spotted on A bit of this & A bit of that.

#4 Be creative, be YOU!
If you don't already know about Geninne Zlatkis, you are missing out big time. Her blog is just as amazing as  her {at least this is what I think} and a great resource to let your imagination and creativity FLOW. She is an illustrator and also makes absolutely stunning rubber stamps, mainly inspired by nature. Many tutorials on the blog as well, so EXPLORE the archives!

Source: all images by Geninne Zlatkis

Don't you fall head over heels in love with her art? She is a true inspiration and reading her blog will charge you with enough energy to conquer the world!

Happy Hari Raya!

* Singapore Etsy Team Meet-up :: Nov.8 :: starting at 8pm @ The Pigeon Hole, 52-53 Duxton Rd, Tanjong Pagar MRT {Singapore} :: subject -> packaging


Fenny Setiawan said...

This is a very inspiring posts. Love the ideas. I need to start shopping and wrapping gifts :)

Marie Maglaque said...

Thank you Fenny!I need to SERIOUSLY think about it as well ;-)

rubber stamps said...

nice post, its very informative and knowledgeable post for me thanks for sharing all this...

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