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{Interview with} Katrina of KatrinaAlana

It's already time for {Interview with} as it's Friday today! I am so pleased to welcome Katrina and Lex of Katrina Alana, a sweet couple from Philippines currently living and working in Singapore. We met through Etsy and keep on bumping into each other around the city {at MAAD or Public Garden fleas, or at the rubber stamp workshop recently held at The Little Happy Shop}. It seems like we have similar interests in life...

Lex & Katrina

ECS: Katrina, please kindly introduce yourself, your work, where are you currently living and what brought you to Singapore. What did you study? What is your background?
Katrina Alana is a family shop run by husband and wife team, Lex and Katrina. We moved here for work since it was the next step in our careers. We both studied Information Technology at university where we met.

ECS: What are your sources of inspiration for designing your lovely creations? Where do you source your materials?
Part of the work that we do is custom design and our clients usually have an idea about what they want. We come up with idea boards from trends that we see online and we drop by the nearest library to do research. This process is the basis for our designs and most of our ideas.  We usually source most of our materials overseas as most items are difficult to find locally.

ECS: How did you get started on Etsy?
We knew about Etsy for years and we only joined last year because we were focusing on promotion for our own website. We decided to give it a shot a year after we launched our business since we weren't getting the growth we wanted from our own site. We've been very happy with what we've accomplished partnering with Etsy as a seller.

How to use your wax seal

ECS: Do you have plans to expand your brand? Feel free to share any of your ongoing projects and dreams!
We do. We're planning on adding several specialty items by January and we will be opening a custom stamp shop and an illustration shop in the upcoming months.

Katrina is also making her own rubber stamp! {Source}

Katrina & Lex designed and made their own Save the Date & wedding invitations... 
they are so talented! {source}

ECS: I know Christmas is a very big celebration in Philippines. How do you celebrate Christmas this year? Are you decorating your home? Any tips?
Christmas starts at September for us. I know it may be weird for some people to hear but in the Philippines, Christmas is such a huge holiday that we sort of unofficially start it as soon as the months end in "ber" like September and only consider it over after the Three Kings holiday which is usually in January. This is true for both our families and we have memories of our mothers decorating the house super early and taking the d├ęcors off the next year. We are putting up a tree this year but that's it since we will be going back home for the holidays where the decorations are off the charts.

ECS: I have asked you to pick up among your favorites on ETSY (6 items from one or different shops) in order to create a mini-gift guide for Christmas for my readers. Tell me if I am wrong Katrina, I guess your favorite color is yellow...

Three picks by Katrina:

Three picks by Lex {I love Moustache George too, and I am adopting it next week...}

ECS: Last, what are your favorite items in your own shop? 
Katrina: My favourite item in the shop is the wax seal. I always wanted to have one as a kid and I still can't believe that we own a shop that sells something from my childhood.

Lex: Definitely the wax seals. We still write letters and send them by mail. It adds a special touch to each message I send.

It's Christmas soon, and it means gift time: for any purchase from KatrinaAlanareceive 5 yards of Baker's twine WITH wooden spool! Exclusive promotion to readers of Etincelle Creative Studio :-)
Type coupon code EtincelleStudioReader at check out. Shop now!

Thank you so much Katrina and Lex for allowing me to feature you on the blog. I am a big fan of your work and will continue to support you in your new ventures!

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