Monday, November 14

A day at the market {Public Garden}

A bit more than a week ago took place the second Public Garden flea market {I attended the #1 as a seller, remember?}... it was a delight to be there as a visitor and browse every stalls. I want to share with you some really good finds, labels I knew and great discoveries....

"A multi-label boutique that stocks fashion and lifestyle products curated by co-founders, ...  Georgina Koh and Tan Chiew Ling." Here below are three of my favorites, but feel free to browse and discover labels otherwise not available in Singapore. Fantastic!

Leather jewlery pieces by Emma Ware {left and right}, shawl blazer by Aijek {middle}

Sandra Liao's venture into baking yummy pies, cupcakes and preserves. The cupcakes only were available at the market, and how good it was... I bought two thinking my daughter would enjoy tasting one, but ended up eating them both when I learned she was already having ice cream with her dad!

Who doesn't know this great shop located in Ann Siang Hill? Independent publisher and gallery shop, The little DRöM STORE is a hidden gem off the beaten track that will surprise and inspire you. And if you are not based in Singapore, the web store is there to help you!

Jac is 'an ordinary Singaporean with the occasional need to pack her bags and get away'. We first met at MAAD market {I think} and I love how well curated her little shop is. The occasional traveller I have become {it was much easier to travel the world before having kids} enjoys the sight of the Geographia blogs and I wouldn't mind a proper passport holder either!

I also wanted to highlight other favorite sellers {and friends} such as stationery queen Katrina Alana {here and here}, handbags & accessories label Veira, little girls clothing label Sparrow, and new other local handmade/ vintage online shops: Merrimakers, Wishfulthinking and Roccoco Kent.

Shop handmade, shop local!


notabilia said...

You met Jac at my bookmaking classes :).

Jac said...

Hi Marie, yup i met you at Pooja's bookmaking classes... and i saw you at the last Public Garden too =P

thanks for the plug, i'm glad you like my stuff and hope to see you at future fleas!

(FYI i have 1 orange passport holder left! still have the white ones though so let me know if you want one!)

autumn 'n bernice said...

Hi Marie! Thank you for the mention, it was lovely meeting you :)

love, merii makers + wishful thinking

Marie Maglaque said...

@notabilia: oh dear, how could I forget? thanks for the reminder!

@autumn'n bernice: You are most welcome! xx

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