Wednesday, November 30

New Bag {Custom order}

I am excited to show you pictures of my latest bag... a custom order for a young lady currently based in Australia... I have created a couple of new pieces recently and it's always the same excitement to complete one bag. I have started to include beads in my embroideries, and larger sequins as well.

Short-handled net shopper bag with hand-embroidery using sequins and beads

I have one more bag which should be completed and listed in my Etsy shop tomorrow {December 1st already!!}... when I tell you I'm working hard, I am not joking!

And guess what? I just only realized that I forgot to take pictures of the two bags I sold at the Christmas fair last Saturday. Oh dear...

Monday, November 28

Polka Dots & Macaroons


How was your weekend? 
The Christmas fair I participated to is over, and it went very well, thank you! I still have a lot on my plate though before the holiday starts and it's nice this way... I like to keep busy!

I created this very christmassy pouch last week, I couldn't resist to the polka dots! it gathered a lot of attention at fair, and since I have some left, I will be listing one in my Etsy shop today.

How much do you like polka dots? {and macaroons}

Friday, November 25

{Interview with} Mable of Happee Monkee

Hello everyone,

It's Friday and time for a little interview of an artist on Etsy I admire and I'm friend with... Today I am welcoming Mable of Happee Monkee and her absolutely gorgeous photography. Mable has traveled Europe and it shows on her pics. She's also an avid food lover. 
We have loads in common!

Mable and her sweetheart... {via}

ECS: Mable, please kindly introduce yourself, your work, where are you currently living and anything else you would like to share about your background? (travels etc…)
Hi! I’m Mable and I’m the creator of HappeeMonkee. I’m a freelance photographer and travel writer (copywriter, and when needed, book editor) that sometimes lives out of her suitcase. I’m very fortunate to be married to a lovely man who brings me along his travel. My job is to cook and give him head scratches. 

2012 calendar by Happee Monkee {here}

ECS: What are your sources of inspiration for blogging and creating your lovely photographs?
Michelangelo said David was already in the stone and all he needed to do was chip the rest away. It’s the same with photography. I firmly believe that the shot is already there,I capture the essence and share its glory. God gives us so much beauty and good wherever we go and so, our job is to see beauty in everything. 

ECS: How did you get started on Etsy? Is it your day job or do you have another activity?
Long story short, my husband and I were posted to a small town in Sweden for six months and I needed something to occupy myself with. I’m a wordsmith as well, so occasionally I do some writing for magazines or copywriting for fashion catalogues. I find myself needing a good balance between words and visual. I love taking photos and I love writing, can’t live without one or the other!

© From Russia with love by Happee Monkee

ECS: Not only do you run your Etsy shop but also a great blog with super good recipes (I have tested a few of them…). Tell us more about it.
Haha… In 2006 I had just moved to Melbourne (from Malaysia). I didn’t have a job or many friends but I had all this creative energy in me. Having worked in a magazine house for years, I learned how to style food. So the blog was an outlet for me to express myself. Moving out of home meant I had to learn to cook for myself and as I explored different recipes, I thought, ‘Hey, why not document it so I’d remember what I did?’ 

ECS: Do you have plans to expand your brand? Feel free to share any of your ongoing projects and dreams!
I’m passionate about writing a cookbook. I truly believe that everyone should learn how to cook because it’s healthier and so much fun. There is huge satisfaction when I’ve just made something from scratch. And I think (not unlike Auguste Gusteau, from Ratatouille)‘Wow that was easy! If I can do it, anyone can!’
I want to write a cookbook for teenagers or young adults who have moved out of home for the first time. I think there’s just too much junk around us. And why eat junk when you can have beef bourguignon?

© Sweetness by Happee Monkee {here & here}

ECS: Are you celebrating Christmas? Are you decorating your home? Any tips?
This is in fact the first time I’m celebrating Christmas. We’re celebrating with Gavin’s family this year and we just brought out the Christmas tree. I love a silver and navy blue theme. Ever since I was a kid, I had always wanted to decorate a Christmas tree. I’m Chinese so we usually have red, red and red at Chinese New Year. For once, I can actually have a different colour scheme!

 © Celebrate Xmas with Happee Monkee! {here & here}

ECS: Now I am asking you to pick up among your favorites on ETSY (6 items from one or different shops) as a mini-gift guide for Christmas for my readers. 

Mini Gift Guide, from top to bottom, left to right
1.  2.  3.  4.  5.  6

ECS: Last, what are your favorite items in your own shop? 
Hooray! I love promoting my shop. I’m really proud of my photos. It gives me great joy to look at and serve people from all over the world. My thoughts are, ‘These photos make me really happy, I hope they make others happy too!’

I love Venice so very much. I would love to go back. It’s such a beautiful place. I don’t care if it’s touristy or sinking, it is just amazing.

© Venise, Italy by Happee Monkee {here & here}

This was taken in Florence. Italy is gorgeous! 

© View of Florence, Italy by Happee Monkee 

I have too many favourites because each photo represents a very special memory. I see it and I remember the sight, smell and what I was doing at that moment. It’s like looking through a family album. I have one last photo to share; this was taken in the Hall of Mirrors in Versailles, Paris. It was a dream come true to walk through this hall.

© Galerie des Glaces, Château de Versailles by Happee Monkee

Mable is very happy to share with you readers the following offers:

ECStudio readers and Twitter followers will receive 10% off any purchase with this coupon HAPPEE10.

Note: For one day - on Cyber Monday (28/11/2011), as part of team FPOE (Female Photographers on Etsy), HappeeMonkee is offering 20% off all the goodies. Just enter FPOE2011 at checkout. 

Thank you so much Mable for sharing so much of you and the "behind the scene" of your beautiful photographs with us today. Your photographs bring loads of memories to me (Italy, Paris...).

I am leaving you all wishing everyone a great weekend, and with this lovely message:


Happee Monkee :: Blog :: Shop :: Twitter :: Facebook

Tuesday, November 22

Birch Color Palette {Bloesem Blog}

My color palette is live on Bloesem Blog today! here is a teaser...

I chose birch as a color and collected gorgeous finds for you. Hop now to Bloesem for the full picture and the links to purchase these tastefully designed objects... Enjoy!

Busy Bee {Bags}

Hello people,

I am still alive {thanks God} but physically unable to maintain the blog this week... I am attending a Christmas fair this coming Friday and Saturday and I am one very busy bee at the moment. On top of it all my youngest has been sick for a while now, and you all know what it means... sleepless nights and many many {too many} days spent at home with two bored little ones. NO FUN.

NEW :: neon pink shopper bag 

Anyway on a bright note, I have been sewing up a storm over here, and I now have 9 Mini Me dolls, new pouches and matching iPhone sleeves and even better: 3 new shopper bags! I won't list anything on my Etsy shop before the fair {except perhaps the Mini Me dolls with personalized names} so if you'd like to see what's new, come visit me on Friday/ Saturday!

95, Portsdown Road
Venue: Berrick Performance Hall, Level 2
(behind the Junior school)

Friday, November 25 from 8am till 4pm
Saturday, November 26 from 10am till 4pm

Also I will be holding our monthly Etsy meet-up tomorrow evening {Wednesday, November 23} from 8pm at The Pigeon Hole cafe in Duxton Road. We will talk about packaging, Christmas promotions and conduct shop critiques if requested. Bring whatever materials you are using for wrapping your orders and branding your shop. Join, it's FREE!

Friday, November 18

{Interview with} Katrina of KatrinaAlana

It's already time for {Interview with} as it's Friday today! I am so pleased to welcome Katrina and Lex of Katrina Alana, a sweet couple from Philippines currently living and working in Singapore. We met through Etsy and keep on bumping into each other around the city {at MAAD or Public Garden fleas, or at the rubber stamp workshop recently held at The Little Happy Shop}. It seems like we have similar interests in life...

Lex & Katrina

ECS: Katrina, please kindly introduce yourself, your work, where are you currently living and what brought you to Singapore. What did you study? What is your background?
Katrina Alana is a family shop run by husband and wife team, Lex and Katrina. We moved here for work since it was the next step in our careers. We both studied Information Technology at university where we met.

ECS: What are your sources of inspiration for designing your lovely creations? Where do you source your materials?
Part of the work that we do is custom design and our clients usually have an idea about what they want. We come up with idea boards from trends that we see online and we drop by the nearest library to do research. This process is the basis for our designs and most of our ideas.  We usually source most of our materials overseas as most items are difficult to find locally.

ECS: How did you get started on Etsy?
We knew about Etsy for years and we only joined last year because we were focusing on promotion for our own website. We decided to give it a shot a year after we launched our business since we weren't getting the growth we wanted from our own site. We've been very happy with what we've accomplished partnering with Etsy as a seller.

How to use your wax seal

ECS: Do you have plans to expand your brand? Feel free to share any of your ongoing projects and dreams!
We do. We're planning on adding several specialty items by January and we will be opening a custom stamp shop and an illustration shop in the upcoming months.

Katrina is also making her own rubber stamp! {Source}

Katrina & Lex designed and made their own Save the Date & wedding invitations... 
they are so talented! {source}

ECS: I know Christmas is a very big celebration in Philippines. How do you celebrate Christmas this year? Are you decorating your home? Any tips?
Christmas starts at September for us. I know it may be weird for some people to hear but in the Philippines, Christmas is such a huge holiday that we sort of unofficially start it as soon as the months end in "ber" like September and only consider it over after the Three Kings holiday which is usually in January. This is true for both our families and we have memories of our mothers decorating the house super early and taking the décors off the next year. We are putting up a tree this year but that's it since we will be going back home for the holidays where the decorations are off the charts.

ECS: I have asked you to pick up among your favorites on ETSY (6 items from one or different shops) in order to create a mini-gift guide for Christmas for my readers. Tell me if I am wrong Katrina, I guess your favorite color is yellow...

Three picks by Katrina:

Three picks by Lex {I love Moustache George too, and I am adopting it next week...}

ECS: Last, what are your favorite items in your own shop? 
Katrina: My favourite item in the shop is the wax seal. I always wanted to have one as a kid and I still can't believe that we own a shop that sells something from my childhood.

Lex: Definitely the wax seals. We still write letters and send them by mail. It adds a special touch to each message I send.

It's Christmas soon, and it means gift time: for any purchase from KatrinaAlanareceive 5 yards of Baker's twine WITH wooden spool! Exclusive promotion to readers of Etincelle Creative Studio :-)
Type coupon code EtincelleStudioReader at check out. Shop now!

Thank you so much Katrina and Lex for allowing me to feature you on the blog. I am a big fan of your work and will continue to support you in your new ventures!

KatrinaAlana :: Blog :: Shop 1 :: Shop 2 :: Facebook :: Twitter

Thursday, November 17

Sweet Gifts {for Me}

I fall for the GORGEOUS bags and purses by Alexandra Ritchie, a designer based in the French country side. It was hard to pick only one sweet gift out of her collection, but I DO need a leather clutch and this one would fit the bill perfectly...

Monday, November 14

A day at the market {Public Garden}

A bit more than a week ago took place the second Public Garden flea market {I attended the #1 as a seller, remember?}... it was a delight to be there as a visitor and browse every stalls. I want to share with you some really good finds, labels I knew and great discoveries....

"A multi-label boutique that stocks fashion and lifestyle products curated by co-founders, ...  Georgina Koh and Tan Chiew Ling." Here below are three of my favorites, but feel free to browse and discover labels otherwise not available in Singapore. Fantastic!

Leather jewlery pieces by Emma Ware {left and right}, shawl blazer by Aijek {middle}

Sandra Liao's venture into baking yummy pies, cupcakes and preserves. The cupcakes only were available at the market, and how good it was... I bought two thinking my daughter would enjoy tasting one, but ended up eating them both when I learned she was already having ice cream with her dad!

Who doesn't know this great shop located in Ann Siang Hill? Independent publisher and gallery shop, The little DRöM STORE is a hidden gem off the beaten track that will surprise and inspire you. And if you are not based in Singapore, the web store is there to help you!

Jac is 'an ordinary Singaporean with the occasional need to pack her bags and get away'. We first met at MAAD market {I think} and I love how well curated her little shop is. The occasional traveller I have become {it was much easier to travel the world before having kids} enjoys the sight of the Geographia blogs and I wouldn't mind a proper passport holder either!

I also wanted to highlight other favorite sellers {and friends} such as stationery queen Katrina Alana {here and here}, handbags & accessories label Veira, little girls clothing label Sparrow, and new other local handmade/ vintage online shops: Merrimakers, Wishfulthinking and Roccoco Kent.

Shop handmade, shop local!

Friday, November 11

Work in progress {Sneak Peek}

I figured I would share with you one of the projects I am working on at the moment... A lovely Moroccan bag in turquoise, aqua, mint and silver colors. I have nearly completed the embroidery, I will then select the pompom trim and the lining. Do you like it?

 Turquoise Moroccan bag
* hand embroidery with aqua, mint & silver sequins and silver & turquoise beads *

Here below is the selection of mesh bags currently available for customization. I have long and short handles bags but I am also currently working on proposing the bags with different handles {in leather, transparent plexiglas, bamboo...}. 
I am still taking orders for Christmas, feel free to contact me: marie[at]etincellecreativestudio[dot]com

Interview with Ryan of {The Blooming Thread}

It's been a long time since I last had an interview of a creative friend over here... I am kicking of this column once again during this holiday season and will introduce you to some of my favorite Etsy sellers/ friends. I am also asking each of them to share with you a mini Christmas gift guide...

Ryan & her Mr.

Starting today with Ryan of The Blooming Thread, a wonderful little shop all about flower accessories & home decor.

ECS: Hi Ryan, would you please kindly introduce yourself, where you are currently living and what you are doing.
Hello! My name is Ryan and I am a daughter, sister, aunt, girlfriend and friend. I count myself blessed most of all to be surrounded by people I love. After those things, I am a designer, small business owner of now two growing Etsy shops {The Blooming Thread and Filix}, traveler, vintage collector and an avid coffee drinker. I currently live in a very small town north of Santa Barbara CA, in a small Spanish bungalow just between the mountains and the sea. My town also happens to be the flower seed capital of the world, so it's easy to see how flowers and nature play a role in my work. 

ECS: What are your sources of inspiration for blogging and making your lovely creations?
I started my blog as a way to start conversing more personally with my customers. Little did I know, not only would it become a face to 'The Blooming Thread' shop, but a burning source of inspiration for me. I am absolutely amazed at the potential we have to dream and create, and seeing how my fellow bloggers/designers have achieved this in their work, homes, and lives inspires me daily! Whether its making your house a cozy home, finding a new dinner recipe, or spotting stylish ladies from all over the world. I also spend way too much time on my Pinterest boards!

ECS: How did you get started on Etsy and did you have a formal training in sewing?
I have absolutely no formal training in sewing! I purchased a large messenger bag a few years ago to use as a school bag while attending college. My mom had given me a vintage stationary set that had the most beautiful floral design on thin rice paper and the two came together with a basket of colored thread, I've never stopped stitching since. It still remains one of my favorite bags and it makes my heart glow to still receive such wonderful compliments when it ventures to coffee shops and bookstores with me. My Etsy shop came about last year when my boyfriend suggested I give it a try. I think he was getting a little nervous with my stitching taking over my house! With my shop continuing to grow, I'm happy to share I'll be launching my own embroidered tote bag collection this winter. Stay tuned!

ECS: How do you celebrate Christmas this year? Are you decorating your home? any tips?
I am looking forward to spending this Christmas in my new home! so much I moved into my little spanish bungalow after the beginning of the year, so this will be my first holiday season there. This time of year my family and I make sure to enjoy the season, but most importantly to honor God and the greatest blessing of all, his son Jesus. I'm excited for the smell of a fresh pine tree in my living room, and having all my dear ones come decorate and drink cocoa with me. We usually have old christmas movies or a Frank Sinatra holiday cd playing in the background. My home will become a little winter wonderland! I'll be sharing lots of decorating tips and ideas on my blog so please come visit!

ECS: I have asked you to pick up 6 of your favorite items on Etsy that would make a great gift for family members, friends, colleagues. Your selection is great, I personally love the Mini Goals chalkboard ;-)
Oh, picking just a few items was so hard but these are some of my favorites that I think would make perfect gifts! I wear the knot ring everyday...

from top to bottom, left to right:

ECS: I am curious to know what are you favorite items in your own shop. I have picked up my 4 favorites to illustrate this post (the 4 top photos). Please share with us which one are yours!
My two favorite hair pin sets {here} and {here}.
I am in absolute love with these new enamel lockets from my Filix shop! This coral color is my favorite, but I love wearing all the other too. It's such a fun way to add a little unexpected pop of color to an outfit!
I have this scented sachet in my office and I love the soft, relaxing smell of lavender. There are also otherscents available.
I also have a new line of brooches and this color is hard for me not to love! I am always wearing something floral so there lots of cool colors to play with in my shop.

I love your packaging Ryan!

Do you fancy anything from The Blooming Thread? Ryan is happy to extend a 20% discount to all of you, my dear readers:
Please share the promo code "BLOOMINGFRIENDS" for 20% off on your entire purchase (shipping fees not included).

I am also inviting you to pay a visit to Ryan's new venture on Etsy. It's called Filix as mentioned above and it's all about sweet jewelry pieces such as this gorgeous pair of earrings below. 

Tropical beaded hoops with gold plated pendants {here}

Thank you so much Ryan for replying to my questions so kindly, I am happy to have your gorgeous creations featured on Etincelle Creative Studio today!

The Blooming Thread :: Blog :: Shop :: Facebook :: Twitter

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