Tuesday, October 11

A little Christmas inspiration

I don't know about you, but I am forced to think about Christmas as it's time for me to prepare my Etsy shop for the holiday season... I write "forced" here for the only reason that 2011 has passed by very fast, and reaching the end of the year is no fun. I not only need more than 24hrs in a day, now I also need more than 365 days in a year!

1. Doilies & hearts on jars via Crescendoh
2. Photography and styling by Leslie S. of A Creative Mint 
3. Photography and styling by Leslie S. of A Creative Mint 
4. Advent calendar {via}

I compiled this mood board to get me started with packaging ideas: craft paper, pretty ribbons and masking tape can go a long way for creating lovely gifts. If you have no special talent {or patience} to illustrate the presents as Leslie did above {photo #3}, you could easily opt for stamps or stickers to create a stellar decoration!

I will keep you posted of what I come up with!


Sheila said...

Hi Marie,

Do let me know if you're ever going to that mall you mentioned before (nearby Arab street) Would love to check it out sometime for any cool packing ideas.

F said...

I bought a bunch of cool Christmas decorations and ribbons at Ikea last year and am going to use them to decorate this year. I'm already starting too, only because my sister is coming into town for the holidays!

Anonymous said...

Hi dear Marie, I can't believe it's time to think about Xmas already! I'm still way behind, stuck between summer and autumn ;) Big hug you and your little ones.

Marie Maglaque said...

@Shiela: Actually it's cool to go to Arab St to the ribbon shop and for papers, just anywhere really. I love kraft paper!

@Flora: woo, you are very much in advance! I am thinking Christmas colors and a little about decoration but I haven't got anyhting out yet. Looking fwd to Ikea's Xmas deco though... love it every year!

@Anna: stay where you are, in between Summer & Autumn. A feeling I have unfortunately not experienced for too long!

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