Monday, October 10

Sweet start to the week...

Insouciant fashion illustration by jkldesign

I am feeling re-energized {so glad I am!} and luckily creativity will start flowing again sooner than later... in the meantime I am trying to surround myself with pretty things and thoughts {not that I usually don't...}

So how was your weekend? I attended MAAD {Market of Artists And Designers} last Friday night... not as a seller though. I will share my finds with you tomorrow, I thought there were a couple of very lovely products.
Then on Saturday afternoon we had our very first Etsy workshop with a focus on photography and shop critique. I would like to stress the importance of being part of an active creative community to get the support you deserve. Days will come you will need feedback, advice, information or just someone to exchange ideas with.

Last but not least I would like to mention here the great post by my blogger friend Mariella of Hollywood Road which got me back on track. Thank you so much Mariella for writing this, I felt it was just addressed to me! {maybe it was}.
Hollywood Road is a gorgeous blog about photography, design and other sorts of ramblings. I had the immense chance to meet Mariella while taking the Blogging Your Way e-class last fall. I am in awe with her photography: she captured Italy - her home country - so well last summer, it brought very lovely memories to my mind.

Have a lovely week!


Chuzai Living said...

Thanks for posting about Hollywood Road because I keep losing her blog address!! I like her blog.

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