Monday, October 10


Last week I was given a rather fun "award" by my friend Liz of Unreliable Narrators {thank you Liz}. I had forgotten about it until I stumbled upon these stickers below on Etsy a couple days ago... love them and it would be great for a party as well!

Award stickers by knotandbow

So here I am to share some dirty secrets with you. One must abide by the rules though:
- say "thank you" with a linking post
- write 7 things about yourself
- give the award to 15 other bloggers {yes, 15}
- inform them about it {of course!}

So, shall we go ahead with my 7 "things"?

1. I was born in France & grew up in a super small village in the country side {with only 100 people}
2. At 19 I went backpacking in Morocco {Marrakesh} all by myself.  
3. I left home when I was 19 and ever since I have lived in Lyon, Paris, Florence, Tokyo, Bangkok & Singapore.
4. I hated learning English at school.
5. I have never been to the USA.
6. When I was 15 I traveled with my classmates to Canada and for 1 week lived with an Indian family in a village that could only be reached by plane or boat.
7. In the past 5 years I have moved  from Tokyo to Singapore, met my husband, got married, quit my job, moved to Thailand then back in Singapore, and had 2 children. Not bad, huh?

Hehe... did you really think I was going to share dirty secrets here? {I don't have any anyway}{haha.}

I am more than happy to pass the award on to:

1. Mariella of Hollywood Road
3. Jeanne of Shop Sweet Things
4. Pooja of Notabilia
5. Starlet of Can you come home?
6. Renee of Luminoso Blu
7. Laetitia of Style Melia
8. Kaho of Chuzai Living
9. Flora of Jeffrey and Flora
10. Anna of Around my Table
11. Nina of Stylizimo
12. Peggy of Paul et Paula
13. Elise of Sweet Scarlet
14. Radostina of 79 Ideas
15. Renee of The Inspired Occasion

Hope you'd like to participate {but don't feel obliged if it's not your thing}.


#RosyVousConseille said...

Oh, mon premier award! Merci, merci, merci! J'aimerai remercier...Trop drôle, et tu sais quoi, ces petites anecdotes m'ont bien amusées. Merci et surtout, encore!

Marie @etincellestudio said...

haha... oh, je suis sure que tu en connaissais la moitiee ;) tu connais presque tous mes secretsa toi... hehe.

StarletStarlet said...

YOU are a true jetsetter! I certainly learned something new about you today Marie.

So where is home for you?

Marie Maglaque said...

Haha! not sure about being a jetsetter, but coming from where I come from and ending up in such hub as Singapore is truly amazing ;)

Anonymous said...

Marie, wow, thank you so much! I'm just catching up and noticed it today. I'm very happy!

Marie Maglaque said...

I hope you can do it! I would love to discover 7 new things about you :)
And it's a lovely way to get in touch with your favorite bloggers!

mélia said...

Ho merci Marie! je viens seulement de voir; va falloir que je m'y mette maintenant :D

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