Friday, October 28

Ohlala... {Gorgeousness}

I thought it would be great to start the day {and the weekend} with a photo as gorgeous as this one. I am not saying that I can actually afford to wear these three statement necklaces together {maybe not even one of them}, but I love it on the photo. How about you?

Thursday, October 27

The Green Bean Bag {Poppytalk Handmade}

I was off yesterday as it was Deepavali here in Singapore. No chance to approach the computer when you have to provide entertainment to two active young children! 

We went to try a new venture called Le Cuisson in the busy Kopitiam of Queen Street -> French cuisine, food court style. Interesting experience, but that's when you realize that the environment you eat in is {almost} as important as the food... In short I appreciate more my {French} food when in quiet and pleasant surroundings! 

The Market Tote {here} and {here}

I have been meaning to share my new Poppytalk Handmade's finds since last week. Starting today with The Green Bean Bag, a label on Etsy selling bags made of recycled coffee bean sacks saved from the landfill.
Items are all produced in Kansas City {USA}, supporting the local community AND the environment.

I will take the one on the left, thank you!

Tuesday, October 25

Un petit air de Noël {Styling}

I am currently working on the styling of a "Christmas" shoot of my pouches ... and look who are the two adorable creatures that I have adopted... are you falling for them both too? They will follow me throughout the holiday season here on the blog and in my Etsy shop of course.

Can you guess which one is the big brother?

About Shoes {Chie Mihara}

I wanted to share this inspiring video and interview of shoe designer Chie Mihara {mind me I forgot to post it yesterday}. I love the creative process behind each collection. As a designer myself I find it extremely interesting and inspiring. Something to think about today...

via Monica Lee's blog {here}

Be creative!
Be inspired!

Monday, October 24

Something you should look forward to...

Hello everyone,

I haven't been much online today as I am working so hard to complete the first half of my order from Japan - the Mini-Me dolls. I am then mostly seating at my desk and doing embroidery then sewing then embroidery... there is something though that I have been dying to share with you for a couple of weeks already. I have completed a new mesh bag last week with a new design.

Latest addition to the shopper bag family

The fabric I have taken this beautiful motif from is coming directly from Japan {a country close to my heart} and has been carefully selected by my dear friend. I have hand-cut it before placing it on the bag and starting the embroidery.

It took many hours to complete this bag.
I don't regret any.
This is my labor of love, the quiet hours spent on doing something that makes me happy.

Each bag is lined with a nylon mesh {here a blue one} contrasting with the actual silky lining {raspberry for this bag}. The sequins are chosen to compliment the bag's colors and so is the pompom trim.

This delightful little purple bag has already found someone to take care of him, but I am sure you are looking forward to see the next one... patience is key here...


Thursday, October 20

Indie Love Lookbook {Poppytalk Handmade}

Proud to share with you the lookbook of the current Indie Love market at Poppytalk Handmade. There are some gorgeous finds inside {including one of my pouch gift set - hehe}. I have also made a selection of my favorite vendors and will start sharing their work with you all tomorrow. Stay tuned, support handmade and buy local whenever you have a chance!

I fall for {thisilk}

I meant to share this gorgeous label on Etsy last week but there was quite a lot to talk about already... I am fascinated by lace and chains, and Tamara Bavdek who is the designer behind thisilk, is working with both materials gracefully and - I dare writing it, with the right dose of sexiness.

How are you wearing your accessories? are you trying oversize earrings, statement necklaces or one of a kind piece? I know I am currently not bothering much, but it's time to change and re-start collecting original pieces. Are you following me?

Tuesday, October 18

Rubber Stamp Workshop

The Little Happy Shop in Holland Village {Singapore}

I promised to share some photos of the rubber stamp workshop I attended last Saturday at The Little Happy Shop in Holland Village. One should keep her promise and here we come. I had a blast as expected and not only because JoE, our teacher, was good, but also because I was in great company {my friend Sandy of The Cookie Cutter among others}.

We were given a piece of rubber, the tools to curve it, cute images and a light piece of paper to ease the transfer of the image to the rubber. I don't have photos for each steps {sorry} but you can get a good idea already...

I chose to start with what seemed to be the easiest images to carve and I was right... 
I managed to finish two stamps within one hour, and the end result was satisfying. 

Cost of the class: S$28 only including the tools and ink!

My daughter already asked me to borrow my stamps... I better make her her own set quickly!
My plan now is to start creating my very own designs and have fun stamping on everything :)

If you are interested and would like to learn how to make your very own rubber stamps, you can get in touch with the delicious Ruth of The Little Happy Shop or keep updated thanks to her FB page

There will be an intermediate class in November and I hope to be part of it!

Are you hooked?

Charcoal Color Palette {Bloesem Blog}

Today is "color palette day" over at Bloesem Blog... Go check what I have selected in a gorgeous charcoal color!


If you are on Olioboard as well, you can have a look at all my previous boards for Bloesem and more {here}.

Monday, October 17

A new banner {Etsy shop}

Every now and then, I need to refresh and get the feeling of a "new" start... a bit like in January, when you write your resolutions for the year {by the way it will soon be time to do it}{again}.

I decided to order a new banner for my Etsy shop, to describe what this shop is about instead of what I am doing for a living :). I will keep the previous banner as an email signature which is also very nice.

I will quickly fill up the shop with new items, once I am finished with my very first wholesale order {YEAHH}{something to celebrate... where is my glass of wine?}{it's always time to drink wine - I'm French}.

Hmm, what do you think about the new banner?

Sweet Monday...

Last night there was this beautiful treasury on the front page of Etsy curated by inameliart, aka Amelia Jastrzebski, an illustrator/ graphic designer based in Poland. 

from top to bottom, left to right:
1. 2. 3. 4

If you have a little girl, and I do have one, any of the illustrations above would look adorable in her room... don't you agree?

Happy Monday everyone, and let's rock this week!

Saturday, October 15

Things I loved at MAAD {07.10.11}

This post is kind of overdue... MAAD {standing for Market of Artists And Designers} took place last Friday. This time I was not selling, but I managed to drop by and was very pleased to {re}discover some great local designers. 

#1 Veira

"Veira is all about quirky statement bags that are as relevant today as they will be tomorrow. The look is contemporary, yet classic; functional, yet fashionable; minimalist, yet intricate. Our label is built upon a mixture of modern female flair, inspired by vintage silhouettes and complemented by an array of innovative detailing." {source}

I am in love with the envelop clutch above...
© Photographs via Veira

"L'Ile aux Ashby loves playing with shapes and forms, mixing the hard with the soft, the old with the new. Artfully handcrafted the designs are edgy yet stylish, and speak to different personalities and moods." {source}

 I need some wooden accessories... I think I know where to shop them now.
©Photographs via L'Ile aux Ashby


"un-covered (UNCVRD) is a brand that exemplifies modern street wear with bold lines and charming confidence in its collection of stylish wearables. Unpretentious and original, UNCVRD holds firm onto its concept of uncovering new styles and ideas, transforming them into assertive looks teased with versatility and that essential dash of fun." {source}

©Photographs via UNCVRD

"I live and work in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Most of the time, i am copywriting or graphic designing, but when work is scarce, or inspiration wriggles, i make things!
With clay, I explore with my fingers and bow down to the kiln gods hoping for happy surprises at each firing. Everything here is individually beautiful to me... I strive to make objects which reflect strength, beauty, simplicity, whimsy." {source}

Totally love the blue print at the top! {here}
©Photographs via inkypots 

I loved the vibes at MAAD {and the ice cream!} and I want to attend the next one in November 11 {registration opened}.
Who is IN?

Thursday, October 13

Rubber Stamps {The Little Happy Shop}

Something I am looking forward to this weekend...

On Saturday, I will attend a rubber stamp workshop at The Little Happy Shop. I didn't know you could make your own rubber stamps until I stumbled upon posts on a couple of blogs and started to get really interested in it. I even tried to make my very first one out of an eraser and with the help of my cutter... a little star. Not too bad, but it got damaged pretty fast!

The Little Happy Shop is cozily nestled in the heart of Holland Village {Singapore} and sell all sorts of marvels from Korea and Japan... Think cute stationery, pretty cups and mugs, tea, handbags, totes, stamps, stickers, masking tapes, and other crafting goods. very cute shop if you ask me, and ideal to pick up all sorts of gifts for your loved ones. Ruth, the shop owner, is a delight as well, which makes shopping even more enjoyable :)

The rubber stamp workshop will be conducted by JoE of Monster Gallery {I will talk about him in my post about MAAD later today}. I am looking forward to meet up with other like minded people and have fun!

If you are interested in the workshops conducted at The Little Happy Shop, follow its Facebook page {here}. Upcoming workshop is about handpainting shoes {22 October} - more information {here}.

Happy day!

Credit: All photographs via The Little Happy Shop website

Wednesday, October 12

Pretty paper garland

Amy Butler paper garland - 2 meters {still available here}

Since I haven't sold this pretty little garland, I am thinking to use it to decorate my daughter's room. It's made of Amy Butler paper circles {that you can find online on Etsy here or here} hand sewn to a cream color ribbon. Two meters of garland would make a lovely decoration in her room, don't you think?

©Garland, styling and photography by me {Marie}

Inspiration :: Play with Charcoal

It's been a while since I have done an Inspiration :: Get the look for the blog... So here we are today:

from top to bottom, clockwise:
umbrella by Marc by Marc Jacobs, knitwear by Maje, belt by Isabel Marant,
pumps by Alaia and bag by Missibaba 

I wanted to pay a tribute to the rainy days, fall and fashion today... Living in sunny Singapore I don't happen to wear charcoal color clothes or accessories so much, but when I saw the oh-so-lovely pumps by Alaia, I thought I could rock them anywhere in the world.

What would you get for yourself?

Tuesday, October 11

Where I grew up...

I thought I would share some pictures of the place I grew up, and since I've just posted a Christmas inspiration post, the photos below were taken last December {2010}. 

© All photos by Alexandra Brandelet {my sister}

I am getting a bit homesick now, so better not stare at these photos for too long... Have a good day!

A little Christmas inspiration

I don't know about you, but I am forced to think about Christmas as it's time for me to prepare my Etsy shop for the holiday season... I write "forced" here for the only reason that 2011 has passed by very fast, and reaching the end of the year is no fun. I not only need more than 24hrs in a day, now I also need more than 365 days in a year!

1. Doilies & hearts on jars via Crescendoh
2. Photography and styling by Leslie S. of A Creative Mint 
3. Photography and styling by Leslie S. of A Creative Mint 
4. Advent calendar {via}

I compiled this mood board to get me started with packaging ideas: craft paper, pretty ribbons and masking tape can go a long way for creating lovely gifts. If you have no special talent {or patience} to illustrate the presents as Leslie did above {photo #3}, you could easily opt for stamps or stickers to create a stellar decoration!

I will keep you posted of what I come up with!

Monday, October 10


Last week I was given a rather fun "award" by my friend Liz of Unreliable Narrators {thank you Liz}. I had forgotten about it until I stumbled upon these stickers below on Etsy a couple days ago... love them and it would be great for a party as well!

Award stickers by knotandbow

So here I am to share some dirty secrets with you. One must abide by the rules though:
- say "thank you" with a linking post
- write 7 things about yourself
- give the award to 15 other bloggers {yes, 15}
- inform them about it {of course!}

So, shall we go ahead with my 7 "things"?

1. I was born in France & grew up in a super small village in the country side {with only 100 people}
2. At 19 I went backpacking in Morocco {Marrakesh} all by myself.  
3. I left home when I was 19 and ever since I have lived in Lyon, Paris, Florence, Tokyo, Bangkok & Singapore.
4. I hated learning English at school.
5. I have never been to the USA.
6. When I was 15 I traveled with my classmates to Canada and for 1 week lived with an Indian family in a village that could only be reached by plane or boat.
7. In the past 5 years I have moved  from Tokyo to Singapore, met my husband, got married, quit my job, moved to Thailand then back in Singapore, and had 2 children. Not bad, huh?

Hehe... did you really think I was going to share dirty secrets here? {I don't have any anyway}{haha.}

I am more than happy to pass the award on to:

1. Mariella of Hollywood Road
3. Jeanne of Shop Sweet Things
4. Pooja of Notabilia
5. Starlet of Can you come home?
6. Renee of Luminoso Blu
7. Laetitia of Style Melia
8. Kaho of Chuzai Living
9. Flora of Jeffrey and Flora
10. Anna of Around my Table
11. Nina of Stylizimo
12. Peggy of Paul et Paula
13. Elise of Sweet Scarlet
14. Radostina of 79 Ideas
15. Renee of The Inspired Occasion

Hope you'd like to participate {but don't feel obliged if it's not your thing}.

Sweet start to the week...

Insouciant fashion illustration by jkldesign

I am feeling re-energized {so glad I am!} and luckily creativity will start flowing again sooner than later... in the meantime I am trying to surround myself with pretty things and thoughts {not that I usually don't...}

So how was your weekend? I attended MAAD {Market of Artists And Designers} last Friday night... not as a seller though. I will share my finds with you tomorrow, I thought there were a couple of very lovely products.
Then on Saturday afternoon we had our very first Etsy workshop with a focus on photography and shop critique. I would like to stress the importance of being part of an active creative community to get the support you deserve. Days will come you will need feedback, advice, information or just someone to exchange ideas with.

Last but not least I would like to mention here the great post by my blogger friend Mariella of Hollywood Road which got me back on track. Thank you so much Mariella for writing this, I felt it was just addressed to me! {maybe it was}.
Hollywood Road is a gorgeous blog about photography, design and other sorts of ramblings. I had the immense chance to meet Mariella while taking the Blogging Your Way e-class last fall. I am in awe with her photography: she captured Italy - her home country - so well last summer, it brought very lovely memories to my mind.

Have a lovely week!

Friday, October 7

Poppytalk Handmade {Less & More}

Etincelle Creative Studio has been part of the Poppytalk Handmade Market for nearly a month, and I still have loads to share with you before the next one starts {Indie Love - from October 10}.

Today's inspirational shop and label is called Less & More and comes from Vienna - how wonderful to have  of Vienna in mind today, don't you think?

Wood bud vase {limited edition}

This would be great as part of a Christmas table decoration, but I can't help but imagine all what I could do if using it as a prop for a birthday party dessert table...
My #1 favorite has to be the jewelry holder though: it's as much an art piece as a useful object which I adore.

I am not a make-up maniac and I only own and use a couple a products... but this item below would be a fantastic gift to the beauty queen in your life!

Last but not least this card holder would look great on my dad's desk... and on mine too!

Less & More :: Shop :: Website :: Facebook

Have you started your Christmas shopping? 

Thursday, October 6

Matryoshka Birthday Party {Inspiration}

I am so excited today as I have got the confirmation that I will work on the planning and styling of a new birthday party. Even happier that it will be for a little girl and that the theme {that I suggested} is the Matryoshka or Russian nesting dolls.

From top to bottom: 
birthday party captured by ©Charla Anne {source};
Matryoshka postage stamps ; dessert table {source unknown}*;

At this point I am inspired by retro or pastel colors, bunting banners, a beautiful dessert table, lots of fun crafts involving cute stamps and maybe masking tapes. And since it's a little girl's birthday, it would be perfect to have a nail and face painting corner and some Matryoshka tatoos?

Of course I have started a Pinterest board to collect all the photos that won't miss to inspire me in the coming months {oh yes, the party will take place in January, I have plenty of time to work on it!}. Check it out {here}.

Today is a sunny day, there is a nice breeze and my heart is very very happy :)
I have also discovered a new blog which might become a great source of inspiration in the coming months. The photographs are so amazing: sweet, soft and beautiful with a lovely retro

To discover my previous parties, it's {here} and {here} for the robot party and {here} for the horse party.

Have a good day everyone!

* despite all the search I could conduct, I was not able to find out the source of this photograph. If you know it, please get in touch as I would love to see more of this party and, of course, credit the photographer. Thank you!

Wednesday, October 5

Poppytalk Handmade {Eye Poetry}

It's not often that you see black and white here on my blog... I am a girl who mostly enjoys bright and vibrant colors. I know how to appreciate B&W though, and I was speechless when I discovered these photographs by Irene Suchocki of Eye Poetry {found via Poppytalk Handmade Market}. 

I can imagine a giant print in a bedroom on a painted wall. It would look amazing!

Irene Suchocki creates little poems for the eyes that are inspired by extraordinary places as well as the everyday beauty that is always there for the seeing.

Eye Poetry :: Shop :: Website :: Facebook :: Twitter

Poppytalk Handmade
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