Wednesday, September 14

Latest bag + new dress + my daughter {again!}

I completed this bag a couple of weeks ago in fact, but never got a chance to take pictures of it. The Mr. was on a business trip twice for one week each time, and it's been raining a lot lately... I must invest in a tripod ASAP. Oh, and a light to take decent pictures of interiors while we are at it! Santa, Santaaa....?

It's now in the shop, and hopefully not for too long... who is tempted?

My daughter ChloĆ© can't resist to the camera... she loves posing and mimicking me (!!) and insisted to take pictures of the bag with Mama... she was on her way to the pool of course! 

Mother and daughter

And how much do you like my latest purchase? very inexpensive dress bought in a tiny shop in Holland Village Shopping Center that I hope will last for a couple of months...

©All photos were taken by Mr D.


Chuzai Living said...

How adorable! You and Chloe are best buddies, aren't you? She's so pretty!!! Cute swimsuit. The purse looks good, too!

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