Wednesday, September 7

Bloesem Blog... {Gold Palette}{Guest post}

Blog world is fun sometimes... you meet wonderful people, you connect despite the miles and kilometers between each of you.... you share your feelings with people you've never met {and will maybe never meet}... you get opportunities, such as this one, to guest blog on someone else's personal space. Because after all a blog is a personal space, a diary, a collection of random things, thoughts or images that inspire her/ him.

So today I would like to thank Irene of super nice Bloesem Blog for allowing me to guest blog about colors {one of my favorite subjects...}. I had prepared two different gold color boards, hop now to Bloesem to discover the other one....

from top to bottom, clockwise: handcuff necklace by laonato (the skull one is very nice as well);
brass metal tray by Diane Von Furstenberg seen here; illustration by dekanimal; bishop stool by India Mahdavi

And come here later to share which one you like best, and why... but my post on Bloesem first!


Santi said...

gold, always so chic !!


Marie Maglaque said...

Thank you for your comment... I couldn't agree more!

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