Thursday, September 22

Featured {Poppytalk Handmade}

I was featured on the Poppytalk Handmade blog two days ago!... I am not sure if you understand or even feel my excitement when I am writing this.
I have been reading Poppytalk for as long as I can remember; for as long as I have read Bloesem Blogs, Decor 8 or Design*Sponge. Which means for nearly 5 years {I have started after my daughter was born}.

I have seen these blogs grow. I may add that I've grown with them and finally took the plunge, starting my very own journal here at Etincelle Creative Studio to compile and talk about my creative pursuits.

It means so much to me when my creations are featured on such wonderful and supportive of the handmade movement blogs. I realize that despite the pains, the doubts and the up and downs I have gone a long way and there is HOPE that one day, soon, I will make it happen.

Thank you everyone for your support, your encouragement and feedback, they are precious. I am so grateful to have you all around me, all of you from the world over.



Mariella said...

Well done Marie! It's all well deserved! I saw the post on Poppytalk, it's really great what you've done so far!

Three Eggs said...

Congrats! High 5! I know the feeling...we must hang in there and keep positive. Every little mile stone counts, it keeps us going :) I am so happy for you!

Marie Maglaque said...

Thank you so much ladies for your ever sweet comments! Keeping positive is hard at the moment, I hate when things are going too slow. This feature on Poppytalk was welcome :D

Christine said...

Hi, Marie

Congratulations! I totally feel your excitement. You are one very talented girl.

Marie Maglaque said...

Thank you Christine! A lot of thinking going on at the moment, I am sure you are familiar with such situation when you work on your own and need to choose directions ;)

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