Thursday, August 4

You've got mail!

Bonjour {ou bonsoir}!

It's been a long time, I know. I have been working on completely new designs, and it takes TIME. One set is finalized and I am excited to show you my new pouches tomorrow. I am also working on I-Phone sleeves, but I can still improve a bit the design and I will certainly do that tomorrow!

My net shopper bags available {here}

My days are getting busier, with regular trips to the post office. How much I love it! The image above is of my last {Aqua Pink Gold} bag, that have been sold and shipped today to its lucky owner... in Switzerland!
If you ever order something online from me, know that I like pretty packaging, and that I spend a lot of time on it :)

Jemma Rose Mini Me Doll

The photo above is of a new Mini Me doll completed this week, named Jemma Rose after a little girl very dear to my heart. I will share more on this with you later this week.

Talking about the dolls, I have received an extremely valuable feedback here on the blog this week:
"I love your dolls but you might think about making them more child-friendly by NOT using sequins/beads and working more with various types of fabrics. I'd love to purchase one for a friend but am weary about its safety".

I highly value your comments, and I want to encourage you to do so whenever you feel it's needed. If you see that an improvement can be made to an item I create, feel free to share it with me, I won't get offended :)
And if you are the proud owner of a bag, pouch, doll or dress... send me your photos!

Have a good day and thanks for your support,


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