Wednesday, August 31

The right match...

I haven't posted any updates over here on the blog about what's new in the shop... I actually haven't had time to play with my sewing machine for the past 10 days, but I certainly did play a lot before the last Public Garden market... and this is what I came up with: 

This gift package is available for purchase {here}

If you follow me on Twitter or Facebook already you will surely know that I have created gift packages with matching make-up bags & iPhone sleeves. Priced at US$39 these gift packages are a steal as you save 30% on the iPhone sleeve {the pouch alone is at US$25 and the sleeve alone at US$20}.
Aren't the photos speaking for themselves?

Also available in the shop: {blue checks}{mint liberty}{Christmas flowers}

The gift packages will be a great option when it will be time to start your Christmas shopping... and remember that I can mail your order to your loved ones on your behalf almost anywhere in the world. And I am not too bad at packaging either. Just sayin'...


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