Tuesday, August 23


Hello everyone!

It's been a while, I know, but things got out of control this weekend as I caught a very naughty cold... Luckily I was in perfect shape on Saturday for the first edition of Public Garden flea market at Old School. As usual here is my report in pictures, let me know your thoughts...

My stall at the flea; check out my shop{here} if you fancy...

You may wondering? ... yes! Cookie Cutter was part of the fun and we were lucky to be next to each other again. It makes the day brighter, easier and should I add shorter?

The quirky creations of Cookie Cutter

I am looking forward to the next edition of Public Garden in October, aren't you?

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -  - - - 

On another note, and the title of this post was chosen on purpose, I have been working on some marketing materials recently {as my FB followers might know}{what? you are not a follower yet!!}{click the "like" button here now}{thank you}.
Here below is what I came up with after several trials. I will give it a try at my local printer and see how it turns out... this flyer's main purpose is to be displayed at my daughter's school... let's spread the word!

I have to work on a new collection for fall/ winter and complete my marketing plan this week, so I might not be around that often... but I will make sure to announce you a super cool surprise by the end of the week!

Have a good one!


Fenny Setiawan said...

Lovely displays Marie. and I just wondering where can I get your lovely bag? I didn't see at your etsy shop :)

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