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A lunch in Paris {Luminoso Blu}

Not long ago Renee of Luminoso Blu announced us she was working on a fundraising event and a lunch-on for Jemma Rose Myers and her family, and was looking for prizes for the online auction. Renee being such a great and supportive gal, I immediately checked out the details and decided to participate.
The story of Jemma Rose is extremely touching: she's a two year old little girl currently battling cancer in Brisbane {Australia} with the support of her parents and brother. You can read her story {here} and keep posted about the online auction {here}.

I have asked Renee a couple of question about the whole event and YOU can support this cause from where you live:

ECStudio: How did you find out about Jemma Rose and her family, and did you come up with the idea of a lunch-on?
I was approached by my client, Rona a couple of months back. She was a friend of a friend really, and an ex-colleague of my husband. She went to school with Renee (Jemma's Mum) and was trying to figure out a way to show support for her friend. As Rona mentioned, there's nothing we could do medically to assist, but a way to help out was to pool the resources of some of the lovely and generous networks we had to raise money and awareness for this cause. 
I was quick to agree and help out. Jemma's story is really moving and through Rona and update from the family I have become really passionate about doing my best to create a great event, and as a result, to raise as much money as we can.

"Made with love" a wedding DIY inspiration shoot
Styling: Luminoso Blu
Photography: Naomi V Photography

ECStudio: I guess you are working on the styling of the event named A Lunch in Paris... Do you want to share with us what is inspiring you? who had the idea of such theme?
Yep, Luminoso Blu {me} was originally on board to style the event - thought the event planner in me has stuck her nose into many other aspects of things so far. The theme A Lunch in Paris was largely inspired by the venue. Baguette Bistro is a French restaurant in Ascot {a Brisbane suburb}; a lovely place with lots of charm. My clients brief was that she wanted something girly, but not too childish. Originally I had visions of pink & black stripes, silhouettes and so on, but the refined nature of the venue led me in the direction of a more subtle pink & latter palette.
As far as styling goes though, this one will be quite easy as the venue is already beautiful - we'll just be adding some lovely touches thanks to some great ladies who have donated flowers and hire pieces.*

* Kristy of Imbue Wedding and Mary Rose of Lillipollen

"Mother's day Morning Tea"  by Luminoso Blu

ECStudio: There will be an online auction as well, and this is good news for those who can't attend the event but would like to support this cause. Can you share more about it at this stage? What should we look forward to?
To be honest, one of the things I haven't had much to do with has been the online auction. Rona has been leading this one. I know there is a signed sporting jersey, some flashy shoes from Dancing with the Stars, jewelry and a photo shoot and canvas from a Brisbane based photographer.**
The auction should be up and running within a week or so. The items will be available to place bids on until about a week after the lunch.

** Debbie of Vellum Studios

The Jemma Rose Mini Me doll is one of the auction prizes...


Luminoso Blu is a boutique wedding & event planning service based in Brisbane {Australia} and run by Renee. Renee is a work-from-home Mum, and she started this business for a couple of reasons: she had a baby whom she adores and wants to spend time with, but she's always been a career girl and she knew she wasn't going to be happy not doing something. 
Events was the obvious thing for Renee to do as it combines a number of her passions: she loves planning, crafts and colors, and she adores pretty things. But most of all she loves making people feel special. She loves that when people walk into a well planned and beautifully styled event they go "wow".
Renee believes people appreciate the effort that a host makes in inviting them into their lives, and she's really excited about helping them do just that.

Luminoso Blu

Today, say I LOVE YOU to your loved ones
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