Friday, August 5

{Interview with} Alona of lonkoosh

I am back with one of my {not so regular} column... but one of my favorites nonetheless...

Today we are welcoming a wonderful jewelry artist from Israel. Alona Freeman, of Etsy shop lonkoosh, creates the most poetic and magical pieces I have seen in a while on Etsy. She is using vintage jewelry mixed with vintage inspired material to make brand new bracelets, cuffs, necklaces or earrings...

Pink Spring Time vintage collage necklace {here}

ECStudio: Hi Alona, would you like to introduce yourself in a few words?
My name is Alona and I am a mother of three beautiful children. I live in Israel in a small village called "Carmei-Yosef", which means "Joseph's Vineyards" with my wonderful husband and kids. I am an interior designer with a passion for all things vintage... 

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Aqua, gold and red bracelet {here}

ECStudio: How does your current location influences your work?
Living in the country side of Israel and working in a small studio that we built in the garden is a constant source of inspiration. I am surrounded by flowers, trees and nature and it shows in my work, I think :) 

Cuff bracelet in sky blue, gold and white vintage collage {here}

ECStudio: I am curious to know where your shop's name comes from... what is the story behind it?
"lonkoosh" is my nickname given by my husband!
{How sweet...}

Whimsy Pink vintage collage necklace {here}

ECStudio: Alona, you have three children and a rather successful Etsy shop... How do you balance work and family life?
Balancing work and family life is a bit difficult at times, but like any working mum I make sacrifices and I always try to give my best to both family and work!

Bridal hair comb - white and gold vintage collage {here}

ECStudio: Would you like to share some tips with us in how to become successful on Etsy?
You need a lot of patience and hard work. The key is to constantly create and list new items, to have original designs and great photographs.

Thank you so much Alona for sharing your work and words with us!

lonkoosh :: Etsy Shop :: Flickr

Are you as inspired as I am by these whimsical jewelry pieces? which one is your favorite?


Chuzai Living said...

Wow, an interior designer with a jewelry brand. She's so talented!! Her work is beautiful. It's amazing that she manages her business and runs a family of three kids. Very inspiring!!

Marie Maglaque said...

Thank you Kaho for stopping back! I completely agree with you... Alona is gifted, I wish to own one of her cuffs! If you check her flickr account, you will see pix of her kids: so cute!

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