Monday, August 15

Christmas in July {Gift} Part II

Do you remember a couple of weeks ago I told you about this gift exchange program I was part of, named Christmas in July? I had sent my gift to my designated partner Lucrecia in Argentina, and I have received mine last week! Chloe has immediately adopted Cloud and we took these pictures immediately...

Thank you so much to Lucrecia for this beautiful handmade gift. 
We will treasure it for years to come and take care of it :)
and a big Thank You to the girls at Potter+Butler for their initiative 
and for involving me in this awesome project.

I will post pics of my gift to Lucrecia next... stay tuned as usual!
Now I can wait for Christmas in December to come ;). How about you?


Connie @ Daydream In Color said...

Such cute pictures! I hopped over from Potter + Butler & I'm excited to discover your blog.

lucrecia rodriguez said...

It´s really nice to see how happy is my cloud with a beautiful little girl!! Your daughter is so cute!!

Thank you so much Marie for your beautiful handmade gifts!! I´m enjoying them very much!

Marie Maglaque said...

Thank you Connie for stopping by and leave such sweet comment! Hope you like it here and will be back for more ;)

Marie Maglaque said...

Thank you as well Lucrecia, for your beautiful handmade gift, for making my little one so happy, and for following and supporting me!

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