Wednesday, August 31

The right match...

I haven't posted any updates over here on the blog about what's new in the shop... I actually haven't had time to play with my sewing machine for the past 10 days, but I certainly did play a lot before the last Public Garden market... and this is what I came up with: 

This gift package is available for purchase {here}

If you follow me on Twitter or Facebook already you will surely know that I have created gift packages with matching make-up bags & iPhone sleeves. Priced at US$39 these gift packages are a steal as you save 30% on the iPhone sleeve {the pouch alone is at US$25 and the sleeve alone at US$20}.
Aren't the photos speaking for themselves?

Also available in the shop: {blue checks}{mint liberty}{Christmas flowers}

The gift packages will be a great option when it will be time to start your Christmas shopping... and remember that I can mail your order to your loved ones on your behalf almost anywhere in the world. And I am not too bad at packaging either. Just sayin'...

Monday, August 29


Hello everyone,

I haven't given up with blogging, don't worry... I am just getting increasingly busy with the planning of a robot birthday party. My client's son Oliver is turning 5 next week, and his wish was to have either a robot or a Charlie & the chocolate factory part.

Vintage inspired tin toy robot {here}

We opted for a robot party (but for sure I will keep in mind the chocolate factory for another time). I am so proud of my client's sons... they always come up with original themes for their parties (remember the horse party last June?)... it's very refreshing not to have to plan cartoon characters parties!

So I am working on very exciting things such as a robot photo booth, robot & rocket table centerpieces and a pencil pouch as a favor. If you fancy, have a look at my Pinterest inspiration board... a robot birthday party.

I will most likely be on and off social media this week again, but hoping to be back 100% next week *.*

Selamat Hari Raya to our Muslim friends!

Tuesday, August 23


Hello everyone!

It's been a while, I know, but things got out of control this weekend as I caught a very naughty cold... Luckily I was in perfect shape on Saturday for the first edition of Public Garden flea market at Old School. As usual here is my report in pictures, let me know your thoughts...

My stall at the flea; check out my shop{here} if you fancy...

You may wondering? ... yes! Cookie Cutter was part of the fun and we were lucky to be next to each other again. It makes the day brighter, easier and should I add shorter?

The quirky creations of Cookie Cutter

I am looking forward to the next edition of Public Garden in October, aren't you?

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -  - - - 

On another note, and the title of this post was chosen on purpose, I have been working on some marketing materials recently {as my FB followers might know}{what? you are not a follower yet!!}{click the "like" button here now}{thank you}.
Here below is what I came up with after several trials. I will give it a try at my local printer and see how it turns out... this flyer's main purpose is to be displayed at my daughter's school... let's spread the word!

I have to work on a new collection for fall/ winter and complete my marketing plan this week, so I might not be around that often... but I will make sure to announce you a super cool surprise by the end of the week!

Have a good one!

Wednesday, August 17

Christmas in July {Gift} Part III

Don't you want to know what I have sent to Lucrecia in Argentina in the Christmas in July gift exchange? I had posted a teaser the day I sent her parcel, and now it's time to rock a couple more pictures...

Lucrecia has blogged about our gift exchange and the arrival of my paquet in Buenos Aires where she lives... Check her blog post out and how she displayed the paper garland. Lovely job!

Do you feel like treating yourself now? Hop {here} for more eye candy...

NEW :: Public Garden {Flea market}

There is a new monthly flea in town {Singapore}! After the new MAAD Pyjamas, this is the next BIG happening in the local design/ handmade scene. Public Garden will take place in a very central location, Old School @ Mount Sophia* and will present an eclectic mix of vintage and handmade treasures with Singapore's best independent businesses and creative individuals. You just can't miss it!

Look for beloved institutions such as Little Dröm Store, Cat Socrates and Books Actually, indulge in fashion labels such as Wander Wonder and Hadasity, or my favorite local bag designer Veira.

My friend Sandy of The Cookie Cutter will be there with her lovely plushies, pouches and cushions, and so will I. Are you joining?

Public Garden :: Website :: Facebook :: Twitter

* Not sure where it is? click {here} for quick location with Google maps

Tuesday, August 16

Happy Wedding Anniversary! {3 years}

Today is one of our wedding anniversaries... I know I know... long story short, we got legally married five years ago in Singapore, and in church - and in France/ Switzerland three years ago. I am sharing some pictures with you today...

This is the main entrance door of the house where I grew up... built in 1827

The village where I grew up {in France} is very close to the Switzerland border;
 I was baptized & got married is the church in the above picture

{Happy Anniversary my LOVE}

A lunch in Paris {Luminoso Blu}

Not long ago Renee of Luminoso Blu announced us she was working on a fundraising event and a lunch-on for Jemma Rose Myers and her family, and was looking for prizes for the online auction. Renee being such a great and supportive gal, I immediately checked out the details and decided to participate.
The story of Jemma Rose is extremely touching: she's a two year old little girl currently battling cancer in Brisbane {Australia} with the support of her parents and brother. You can read her story {here} and keep posted about the online auction {here}.

I have asked Renee a couple of question about the whole event and YOU can support this cause from where you live:

ECStudio: How did you find out about Jemma Rose and her family, and did you come up with the idea of a lunch-on?
I was approached by my client, Rona a couple of months back. She was a friend of a friend really, and an ex-colleague of my husband. She went to school with Renee (Jemma's Mum) and was trying to figure out a way to show support for her friend. As Rona mentioned, there's nothing we could do medically to assist, but a way to help out was to pool the resources of some of the lovely and generous networks we had to raise money and awareness for this cause. 
I was quick to agree and help out. Jemma's story is really moving and through Rona and update from the family I have become really passionate about doing my best to create a great event, and as a result, to raise as much money as we can.

"Made with love" a wedding DIY inspiration shoot
Styling: Luminoso Blu
Photography: Naomi V Photography

ECStudio: I guess you are working on the styling of the event named A Lunch in Paris... Do you want to share with us what is inspiring you? who had the idea of such theme?
Yep, Luminoso Blu {me} was originally on board to style the event - thought the event planner in me has stuck her nose into many other aspects of things so far. The theme A Lunch in Paris was largely inspired by the venue. Baguette Bistro is a French restaurant in Ascot {a Brisbane suburb}; a lovely place with lots of charm. My clients brief was that she wanted something girly, but not too childish. Originally I had visions of pink & black stripes, silhouettes and so on, but the refined nature of the venue led me in the direction of a more subtle pink & latter palette.
As far as styling goes though, this one will be quite easy as the venue is already beautiful - we'll just be adding some lovely touches thanks to some great ladies who have donated flowers and hire pieces.*

* Kristy of Imbue Wedding and Mary Rose of Lillipollen

"Mother's day Morning Tea"  by Luminoso Blu

ECStudio: There will be an online auction as well, and this is good news for those who can't attend the event but would like to support this cause. Can you share more about it at this stage? What should we look forward to?
To be honest, one of the things I haven't had much to do with has been the online auction. Rona has been leading this one. I know there is a signed sporting jersey, some flashy shoes from Dancing with the Stars, jewelry and a photo shoot and canvas from a Brisbane based photographer.**
The auction should be up and running within a week or so. The items will be available to place bids on until about a week after the lunch.

** Debbie of Vellum Studios

The Jemma Rose Mini Me doll is one of the auction prizes...


Luminoso Blu is a boutique wedding & event planning service based in Brisbane {Australia} and run by Renee. Renee is a work-from-home Mum, and she started this business for a couple of reasons: she had a baby whom she adores and wants to spend time with, but she's always been a career girl and she knew she wasn't going to be happy not doing something. 
Events was the obvious thing for Renee to do as it combines a number of her passions: she loves planning, crafts and colors, and she adores pretty things. But most of all she loves making people feel special. She loves that when people walk into a well planned and beautifully styled event they go "wow".
Renee believes people appreciate the effort that a host makes in inviting them into their lives, and she's really excited about helping them do just that.

Luminoso Blu

Today, say I LOVE YOU to your loved ones
 and truly mean it!  

Monday, August 15

Christmas in July {Gift} Part II

Do you remember a couple of weeks ago I told you about this gift exchange program I was part of, named Christmas in July? I had sent my gift to my designated partner Lucrecia in Argentina, and I have received mine last week! Chloe has immediately adopted Cloud and we took these pictures immediately...

Thank you so much to Lucrecia for this beautiful handmade gift. 
We will treasure it for years to come and take care of it :)
and a big Thank You to the girls at Potter+Butler for their initiative 
and for involving me in this awesome project.

I will post pics of my gift to Lucrecia next... stay tuned as usual!
Now I can wait for Christmas in December to come ;). How about you?

#2 Challenge Yourself {Pillow Case}

Back to our old Challenge Yourself project... I have made the pillow case a couple of weeks {hmm, months?} ago but I took some pix only last week. My plan was to have my boy to hold his pillow, but it's impossible to keep him still for more than two seconds...

Miss Chloe modelling her brother's new pillow for me

If you are tempted to make a pillow case all by yourself, here is an easy tutorial I followed myself to make this one: Envelope Pillow Case by The Crafty Gemini {link}.* 

Collage I made to announce my #2 Challenge Yourself project... in June!

I have come to realize that one project a week was a bit of an utopia... things have got so busy over here. Maybe a project a month would be easier to manage. I will announce the next challenge in the coming days... not an easy one, and more sewing for me! Stay tuned...

Have you been challenging yourself lately? I know you did, feel free to share with us :)

* Thank you again to Renee of Luminoso Blu for the link to the tutorial...

Saturday, August 13

MAAD market report {Singapore}

Etincelle Creative Studio stall at MAAD market - August 2011

The MAAD market that took place yesterday at The Red Dot Design Museum was loads of fun {from 5pm to midnight!} and I met very lovely people. There was a bar, live music {a band then a DJ} and many local creative labels & designers. There was food and drinks and a very good crowd gathered around all night long. I am looking forward to the next one in September!

Right: new Mini-Me doll {in the shop next week}

I was delighted to be located next to my good friend Sandy of The Cookie Cutter blog. She's making and selling linen products and paper goods with a happy quirky look. Aren't the pillows adorable? Moustache Georges and Suzie are my all time favorite {and the kids would agree}.

Linen plushies and paper goods by The Cookie Cutter

How did you spend your Friday night?

MAAD - Market of Artists and Designers
Red Dot Design Museum
Maxwell Rd
Check out their FB page to keep updated!

Breakfast International {Paul & Paula}

 :: My two children - breakfast time ::

Not  long ago, Peggy of blog Paul & Paula contacted me and asked me if I wanted to join her fun new column titled Breakfast International... The idea is to share with her readers what your family is having for breakfast... SUPER fun!

If you die to know what my family is eating for breakfast, hop over here... and if you want to discover the entire series, it's over there. You will love it as much as I do as it's really inspiring to read how everyone is starting the day *big smile*

What is YOUR family having for breakfast?

Wednesday, August 10

New :: iPhone sleeve {Launching soon}

Hello everyone,

I have shared with you a picture of the last iPhone sleeve a few day ago on my Facebook page... I am very happy for eceiving a great feedback, and I thank everyone for taking the time to do so.

An iPhone 3 or 4 {without casing} will snug perfectly in this sleeve and won't fall out - unless you carry it up side down {let's say you don't want your little one to carry it!}. I have added a front pocket to fit you door or bus pass. Someone has requested for the front pocket to fit her headphones {very clever} and for a closing system too. I am working on it!
Any additional input? 

iPhone sleeve by Etincelle Creative Studio

I will launch this product at the upcoming MAAD market {please read my previous post if you've missed it} and should make it available online in my Etsy shop early next week.

If you can't wait or won't be able to make it on Friday to MAAD, you can always contact me directly...
And feel free to share your thoughts, needs or expectations in the comment section below!

Monday, August 8

MAAD market {Singapore}

I thought it was about time to share with you that Etincelle Creative Studio {= me} will take part in the coming MAAD market this Friday.

MAAD stands for "Market of Artists And Designers. It is a monthly Friday night celebration of local creativity held at the Red Dot Design Museum. It is a platform to sell, gather feedback , test market or create awareness on your creative endeavors." {source}

Poster from MAAD

Of course, if you are living in Singapore, I encourage you to check it out and discover the local handmade scene. There will be several other Etsy sellers participating and we are all looking forward to it: The Cookie Cutter, Katrina Alana and theRshop.

Support handmade, support US!

Lace, Beads and Embroidery {The Brooch Project}

Since last week I have also been working on yet another new project: making brooches out of felt, lace, beads and sequins. I don't have any completed piece just now, but I would love to hear your thoughts on the prototype below. It looks a bit like a doll, but it was inspired by the bubbles we blew at the Botanic Garden last weekend...

The Brooch Project by Etincelle Creative Studio

Are you often wearing brooches? It's a very easy way to enhance a plain Tee, or a jacket.

Friday, August 5

{Interview with} Alona of lonkoosh

I am back with one of my {not so regular} column... but one of my favorites nonetheless...

Today we are welcoming a wonderful jewelry artist from Israel. Alona Freeman, of Etsy shop lonkoosh, creates the most poetic and magical pieces I have seen in a while on Etsy. She is using vintage jewelry mixed with vintage inspired material to make brand new bracelets, cuffs, necklaces or earrings...

Pink Spring Time vintage collage necklace {here}

ECStudio: Hi Alona, would you like to introduce yourself in a few words?
My name is Alona and I am a mother of three beautiful children. I live in Israel in a small village called "Carmei-Yosef", which means "Joseph's Vineyards" with my wonderful husband and kids. I am an interior designer with a passion for all things vintage... 

Read more after the jump!

POP UP Sale {Red Floral Pouch}

I have a surprise for you today... I have been working on a new pop up sale and I have chosen the bright red floral pouch this time around. It's a very popular item in my shop :)

Red floral pouch - Available at US$17.50 / usual price US$25*
{here}{here}and {here}

Now you might wonder: what is a pop up sale?
I don't have a clearance or sales section in my Etsy shop, instead I have decided time to time to offer my readers, Facebook fans and Twitter followers the opportunity to buy one of my creations at a reduced price. It usually lasts for 24 hours only and while stock last {if there is more than one item available in the shop}.

Happy Shopping!

*Terms and Conditions apply:
- This sale is only including the red floral pouch available in my Etsy shop; while stock last (3 pouches available).
- This sale will last for 24 hours only, until August 5, 2011 midnight (Singapore time)
- Use coupon code POPUP08 at check out for the 30% discount to apply
- The discount does not apply to shipping fees. Shipping fees as indicated in my Etsy shop will apply at check out.

And of course you can get in touch with me may you have any inquiry. Thank you!
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