Thursday, July 28

Styling in Singapore for {RUE Magazine Issue #6} {Part III}

Today is my last post about the styling of an apartment in Singapore for Rue Magazine Issue #6 {catch up with Part I and Part II if you have missed them}. I have focused on the bedrooms and the study room. More photos available in Rue p.151 to 165 {here}.

I loved how the colors in the two boy's bedrooms and study room clashed with the rather neutral tones in the rest of the apartment. Quite unexpected and very refreshing!

The biggest daybed I have ever seen in a luscious green color... 
a great getaway for lazy afternoons!

Afternoon tea anyone?

Photo Credit: all photos by Scott A.Woodward
:: Used with permission ::

Don't laugh, but my styling signature might become orchids and macaroons! They are the only props I purchased for this shoot and I love how it easily enhances a setting and brings colors and life to an image.

The macaroons are from ET Artisan Sweets in Singapore {yes, I went all the way to Henri Park to buy them the day before the shoot!}. And they were absolutely delicious...

Photography: Scott A.Woodward
Interior Decoration: Agnes Verrier
Location: Singapore

SPECIAL thanks to Irene Hoofs of Bloesem Blog to get me in touch with Crystal {editor-in-chief} of Rue! Thank you so much :)


Chuzai Living said...

Congrats, Marie!! This is sooo exciting!! How did you get involved with styling?

Anonymous said...

ouahh great Sister! i like the last picutres more than the first one: i prefer empty, simple rooms with some colors, i mean rooms without to many things on the shelves. anyway, good job! Lucie

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