Wednesday, July 6

Singapore Supper Club {Khana Commune}

Have you ever been to a supper club? Have you ever heard of it?

The concept was fairly new to me although I had seen Jamie Oliver rocking one in his US tour {on TV}... When I first heard of a supper club in Singapore {thanks to Notabilia}, I got very excited and immediately contacted Zina to book our seats... Both my husband and I are foodies and I wanted to surprise him for his birthday...

Right: Chef Zina Alam with a traditional dhaba carrier;
Left from top to bottom: prawned curry & blackened Qurbani beef, stuffed jalapenos, 
scallops cooked on Himalayan salt block

Not a very romantic date, I can hear you think out loud! but we don't really care about being romantic... all that matter are the food & the atmosphere, and if the food is home cooked, even better!

We were not disappointed...

Banana leaf sticky rice stuffed with chicken & stuffed mushrroms

Zina served a 6-course meal that was absolutely delicious. That night we had:

Stuffed mushrooms
Banana leaf parcel of sticky rice stuffed with green chili chicken
Chili mackerel
Coriander & tomato chicken on the bone served 
with toasted coconut with lime
Onion Dahl
Pumpkin custard with coconut parfait

Onion dahl and toasted coconut with lime

The last time I ate so much food was probably for Christmas in France! My favorite dish was probably the sticky rice in banana leaf and I was pleasantly surprised by the pumpkin custard {a very unusual dessert}.
Kenyan guest chef and story teller Mara Menzies served her delicious coriander & tomato chicken and entertained us with a story.

Being in great company helps to make the evening totally successful, and we were blessed to seat next to great people with very international profiles. The conversation went smoothly throughout dinner {which lasted for nearly three hours!} and of course we talked a lot about the food :)

So, if you happen to be in town and want to experience a very unique dining experience, Khana Commune supper club is highly recommended. Chef Zina Alam can even tailor an evening to suit your needs. Get in touch!

Next communes: 
Commune 16 in June 30 {check menu here}
The Singles Commune in July 21 {singles only - more info here}

Khana Commune :: Blog :: Facebook :: Twitter

PS: Don't miss my interview of Zina Alam this coming Friday in {Interview with}... 

Edit: all photos from Khana Commune, used with permission from the author


Three Eggs said...

YUM, I'm salivating right now! I miss Asian food so much since moving to Sweden almost a year ago. I can't wait to go back home to Melbourne at the end of the year, for some Asian food and not to mention, mum's cooking!

Marie Maglaque said...

Haha... another foodie :) there is nothing like mum's cooking... whenever I go back to France I have a list of dishes I want her to cook for me!

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