Wednesday, July 13

NEW Design {Floral pouch with golden trim}

Here is one of my latest pouch designs. I love the combination of the floral print, the golden trim and the fuchsia lining. This pouch is truly unique as I bought the trim during my recent trip to Hong Kong and I only bought enough for making one :)

Elegant as an evening purse and easy to keep in any handbags!


Cookie Cutter said...

I can see all the work that goes into the piece. All that details! Don't you feel a little heartache when you have to part with some beautiful fabric/trim and you know you have no more in the store? But it makes into such a beautiful item. Bittersweet, isn't it?

Maria Veigman said...

very nice pouch. Looks so fancy

Marie Maglaque said...

Thank you!!
@cookie cutter: indeed, I felt so about a beautiful bag I just sold. It's been in my shop for a while and I loved it a lot. When I sold it I was happy of course, but sad too. Luckily I know it's in good hands :)

@Maria Veigman: Thank you Maria for your sweet comment. Fancy is a word I kinda like ;)

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