Friday, June 17

Featured! {Hello Mom! Little Red Bus}

I am on Little Red Bus today as the featured blogging mom... go check it out! here is only a sneak peek

Hello! my name is Marie, I am a fashion and jewelry designer and an aspiring prop stylist, mother-of-two who has lately been caught catching up on her big dream: starting her own business and becoming an independent design professional. I have named my studio Etincelle Creative Studio as 'Etincelle' means 'sparkle' in French and I love treasures that sparkle and shine!

We try to travel as much as possible... Phuket, Thailand 2010

Why do you blog?
I have two blogs and I blog for two different reasons: one blog is to keep in touch with our families and friends who live in many different parts of the world. I started Frimousse after my daughter was born and I mainly post pictures of my children and our activities/ daily life. Not much text, just pictures.
Last year I felt it was time for me to fill up the increasing gap in my professional life. I was not completely happy being an expat mom, I wanted more for myself and I was getting a bit worried as well about how I will go back to work once my kids are in school. 
Starting a blog focusing on my passions and developing them was a good start and an excellent way to build up a portfolio while meeting like minded people. I started Etincelle Creative Studio a year ago in May, and the outcome has been amazing so far!... but it's a lot of work...

We explored Hoi An in Vietnam last year... amazing city!

How would you describe your blogging style?
Hey, this is a hard one! Do you agree with the following:

Sweet :: Stylish :: Playful

2010 Collection - Net shopper bags by Etincelle Creative Studio

Hopefully my creations reflect my blogging style!

Thank you so much Ann for having me on Little Red Bus today! 
xoxo Marie


Mable said...

Hi Marie,
Nice blog! We are the same age and you live so close to my birth country - Malaysia. I can totally relate to your goal in setting up a business. Having to travel so much it's hard for me to stay in one career which is why I started Happee Monkee photography. Anyway, lovely meeting you! xx Mable

Marie Maglaque said...

Hey, welcome here Mable! thanks for your comment... I am sure you can relate if you move as often as we do... having kids makes it even harder because you have to be there to help them to adjust :)
I think it was a good idea to start Happee Monkee, you are very talented!

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