Tuesday, June 14

Cheng Yen Lee @ {MAAD - Red Dot Design Museum}

Hello lovelies,

I am trying to catch up with my blog posts... I have a pretty big list of things I want to share with you which makes me *HAPPY*

First of all, I was finally able to pay a visit to the MAAD market {or market for artists and designers} in Singapore held at the Red Dot Design Museum every first weekend of the month.
They had a special guest feature with Taiwanese artists invited to showcase their creations.

I was glad to find out about young designer Cheng Yen Lee and discover his stunning embroideries!
Won't you agree with me?

Cheng Yen Lee lives in Taiwan but he attended a course at Ecole Lesage in Paris {another dream of mine!} where he learnt the timeless skills of Haute Couture embroidery. 

Cheng Yen Lee

I really enjoyed wandering around at MAAD; stalls are set up among the objects exhibited in the museum and it's a very pleasant experience... I will most definitely make it a monthly destination, and why not be part of it {as a seller} in the coming months?

Credit: all above photos by Chengyenlee


#RosyVousConseille said...


Jennie Prince said...

Oooo! These are incredible and so detailed! They must take forever to make but so worth it in the end I bet.

Marie Maglaque said...

N'est-ce pas?
He made my day! I am so in love with beads embroidery and I so would like to attend a course at Lesage...

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