Thursday, June 16

#2 Challenge Yourself {Envelop Pillow Case}

Does anyone out there feel like a little challenge-yourself project? I do and today I am presenting you my challenge #2... I bought this left-over fabric sample from Ikea last year having in mind a pillow case for my son's {well} pillow. Two weeks ago Luminoso Blu posted a tutorial of an envelop cover on her Facebook page and I thought: "yeah, this is just what I need!".

Fabric from Ikea * handmade felt baby blocks by Free Hands

So here is the link to the video tutorial by The Crafty Gemini {link}.
Let's do it together? and why not share your pictures on my Facebook page for everyone to see?

Ps: I am covering a S$2 pillow from Ikea... very affordable indeed!


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