Friday, June 3

#1 Challenge-Yourself {A Batik Dress}

If you follow this blog, you might have heard about the "Challenge-Yourself" project... or how to efficiently get things from my "side-to-do-list" done in no time ;)
It took me a lot more time than expected to complete my project #1 - a dress for my daughter Chloe, but I am happy to show you the result... the little one enjoyed the photo session, her new dress and her new plushie too {if you can guess its name I'll offer you one of my pouches}!

We started with this: 

A Batik fabric from Indonesia and a man shirt from India...

... and this is the final project:

I made the pattern for this dress myself {time consuming}, but I got my inspiration from another one she's got... the horse plushie is part of another project I have been working on for a client... more on this later this week!

The dress looks a bit big on Chloe right now, but I like to make dresses that can be worn for many years... this design is great as the belt allows you to adjust at the waist as your child grows.

Horse: Melly and Me pattern

I will announce the challenge #2 tomorrow. It will involve a bit of sewing as well, but it's much easier to do... stay tuned!

Photos credit: myself


#RosyVousConseille said...

Congrats, it's not easy to do things on time...for some kind of people...Maybe we are part of it? But we will change!

Chuzai Living said...

Beautiful!!! I love it. We have a ton of batik here in Jakarta. The colors and patterns you used for your daughter's dress is just adorable. Great job!! I'm sorry I have been away for a while. You're doing great and your blog is looking beautiful!!

Sze said...

Wow! The dress is gorgeous! I bought some batik from Bali 2 years ago and it's still sitting in my closet, you gave me some great ideas to use it :D

Marie Maglaque said...

I am so behind with replying to the comments! sorry girls ;)
@Rosy: hehe... I am usually on time!
@Chuzai Living: thank you so much for the encouragements and positive comments (always!). I love batik fabrics, they are so colorful and vibrant... I will have some more projects as I've just discovered a nice shop in Singapore selling beautiful ones :)
@Mint Tea: welcome here! please do use the fabrics you bought in Bali (and share what you made on my FB page, I would love to see it)! I will next make some pillows I think!

claudia said...

ooh, I missed this while I was away, it looks fantastic on your daughter! what a great dress. I especially admire how well you've placed the box pleats to suit the print - I'm always bad at the precision that requires. well done!

Marie Maglaque said...

Thanks Claudia! I like this dress a lot, it's completely what I had in mind! next challenge (posted on the blog today) is much simpler...
Are you back yet?

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