Wednesday, June 29

POP UP Sale {Minty net shopper bag}

I love the word "pop up", sounds like real fun, don't you think?
Well, I am having a pop up sale today: the minty mesh shopper bag being a favorite of many on Etsy, I have decided to let it go at US$45 instead of US$65 {which is a 30% discount!}.

Minty floral mesh bag US$45 only today {here}

This bag is unique, I will not replicate this design in the future as the main floral motif is made of several hand cut flowers from a Japanese fabric which I don't have anymore.
Then I tastefully embroider the flowers with colorful and shiny sequins. You are sure to make a statement when carrying this bag!

PS: I have reduced the shipping fees as well, it's free in Singapore and costs only US$3 to the rest of the world. Shop now!

Edit 30/06/11: the pop-up sale is now closed. Thank you! Look out on our Facebook page for another chance to get one of our creations at a reduced price.

My first Horse Birthday Party {Event Planning}

There is something I am looking forward this week {in fact I am so thrilled}: the issue 3 of the Australian online magazine tiny & little will be live on Friday... and guess what? My first ever event planning is one of the parties featured!
Remember the horse birthday party I mentioned in this post at the beginning of the month? and my inspiration board on Pinterest?...

A horse birthday party by Etincelle Creative Studio

Don't miss the launch of tiny & little on Friday! My fabulous friend Anna of Around my Table has also contributed to it... Stay tuned!

Tuesday, June 28

Fantastic Hong Kong!

So I am back from my short trip to Hong Kong. It was fantastic and I really enjoyed my time there... the shopping, the food, the people... I will write a longer post later this week, but here is a picture that made me smile :)

Photo captured in a street of Hong Kong island...

Thursday, June 23

More Paper Garlands...

Paper garland handmade with hand painted paper from India - bunting style - 1 or 2 meters long
Perfect for any room decoration project, parties and more...
Available {here}and {here}

Exists also in green & orange :: available {here} and {here}

I am off to Hong Kong on Friday for a wonderful weekend with my hubby... it didn't happen for the last 6 months {a weekend without kids} and it's a well deserved break. I am expecting to sleep, eat and explore the city. Let's catch up next week!


Photo credit: all by myself for Etincelle Creative Studio

Wednesday, June 22

Eye Candy {Paper Garland}

This is one of my latest paper garlands made of 1inch paper rounds from the Tea Box Collection by Amy Butler. I love it and it inspired me this prop-styling for the shoot. What do you think?

Amy Butler paper round garland {here}

I will share more pictures later on today...

Tuesday, June 21

Mini Me Doll {Martha}

"Once upon a time... there was a little Mini Me Doll called Martha... "

My Mini Me Dolls were born a little while after I had my first daughter... As I was making her many dresses, I ended up with loads of pretty fabrics left-over... I couldn't bare the idea of throwing everything away, so I created the pattern for my Comfort Dolls... I was very much inspired by the Matryoshka/ Babushka dolls from Russia which are so colorful and pretty.

Martha sous toutes les coutures!

Then I simplified the pattern and the Mini Me Dolls were born. Meet all of them here and let me know which one is your favorite... Martha is the last one available at the moment. I used a powder blue polka dot fabric for the front and a sweet pumpkin linen fabric for the back. Her belly is embellished with a hand-cut flower {from a Japanese fabric}which I have embroidered with mini sequins. Her face is also hand embroidered with black and red cotton threads.

Measurements: 8.8 x 4.6 inches or 22 x 15cm

I haven't made any doll for a very long time... Is it something you would like me to start making {and selling} again? Oh, and if you want to adopt Martha, it's here....

Friday, June 17

Sunday Eclectica @ The Pigeon Hole cafe {Showcase}

I wanted to share with you a few photos taken last Sunday at the Sunday Eclectica market.
I had participated in May - posted about it here, and so I wanted to do it again! Markets are so much fun!

All handmade by me for Etincelle Creative Studio * Jewelry by GMK

Do you like going to arts & crafts markets? have you participated to any in your country as a seller?

Featured! {Hello Mom! Little Red Bus}

I am on Little Red Bus today as the featured blogging mom... go check it out! here is only a sneak peek

Hello! my name is Marie, I am a fashion and jewelry designer and an aspiring prop stylist, mother-of-two who has lately been caught catching up on her big dream: starting her own business and becoming an independent design professional. I have named my studio Etincelle Creative Studio as 'Etincelle' means 'sparkle' in French and I love treasures that sparkle and shine!

We try to travel as much as possible... Phuket, Thailand 2010

Why do you blog?
I have two blogs and I blog for two different reasons: one blog is to keep in touch with our families and friends who live in many different parts of the world. I started Frimousse after my daughter was born and I mainly post pictures of my children and our activities/ daily life. Not much text, just pictures.
Last year I felt it was time for me to fill up the increasing gap in my professional life. I was not completely happy being an expat mom, I wanted more for myself and I was getting a bit worried as well about how I will go back to work once my kids are in school. 
Starting a blog focusing on my passions and developing them was a good start and an excellent way to build up a portfolio while meeting like minded people. I started Etincelle Creative Studio a year ago in May, and the outcome has been amazing so far!... but it's a lot of work...

We explored Hoi An in Vietnam last year... amazing city!

How would you describe your blogging style?
Hey, this is a hard one! Do you agree with the following:

Sweet :: Stylish :: Playful

2010 Collection - Net shopper bags by Etincelle Creative Studio

Hopefully my creations reflect my blogging style!

Thank you so much Ann for having me on Little Red Bus today! 
xoxo Marie

Thursday, June 16

#2 Challenge Yourself {Envelop Pillow Case}

Does anyone out there feel like a little challenge-yourself project? I do and today I am presenting you my challenge #2... I bought this left-over fabric sample from Ikea last year having in mind a pillow case for my son's {well} pillow. Two weeks ago Luminoso Blu posted a tutorial of an envelop cover on her Facebook page and I thought: "yeah, this is just what I need!".

Fabric from Ikea * handmade felt baby blocks by Free Hands

So here is the link to the video tutorial by The Crafty Gemini {link}.
Let's do it together? and why not share your pictures on my Facebook page for everyone to see?

Ps: I am covering a S$2 pillow from Ikea... very affordable indeed!

Tuesday, June 14

Cheng Yen Lee @ {MAAD - Red Dot Design Museum}

Hello lovelies,

I am trying to catch up with my blog posts... I have a pretty big list of things I want to share with you which makes me *HAPPY*

First of all, I was finally able to pay a visit to the MAAD market {or market for artists and designers} in Singapore held at the Red Dot Design Museum every first weekend of the month.
They had a special guest feature with Taiwanese artists invited to showcase their creations.

I was glad to find out about young designer Cheng Yen Lee and discover his stunning embroideries!
Won't you agree with me?

Cheng Yen Lee lives in Taiwan but he attended a course at Ecole Lesage in Paris {another dream of mine!} where he learnt the timeless skills of Haute Couture embroidery. 

Cheng Yen Lee

I really enjoyed wandering around at MAAD; stalls are set up among the objects exhibited in the museum and it's a very pleasant experience... I will most definitely make it a monthly destination, and why not be part of it {as a seller} in the coming months?

Credit: all above photos by Chengyenlee

Sunday, June 12


Marie M., Singapore

Saturday, June 11

My first Horse Birthday Party {Inspiration}

Hello friends!

It's been a while, and you know what? it was worth waiting! I have been super hyper busy planning my first birthday party {ok, first one for a client}. Matteo hast turned three last Wednesday and his horse party is... well, today! I have been sewing up a storm {can I say that?} and I am super excited to style the party later on... here is what has got us started:

from top left, clockwise:

You can check more pictures on my Pinterest; I have created a specific board to gather all inspiration for this party. Color scheme is red, blue and white {which is not obvious here...}. All paper goods have been designed by my friend Anna from Around my Table - I will share all the details with you later this month!

The second surprise is that the photos will be exclusively published in the next issue of the wonderful Australian e-mag Tiny & Little {in July}! This is awesome but it kind of puts some pressure on me... everything must look perfect - I'm sure you share my feelings right now!

Now all you have to do is... wait... and browse these excellent blogs if you have a party to plan in the coming weeks or months:
Hostess with the Mostess
Sara's party Perfect
Kara's Party Ideas
Amy Atlas
the list goes on, feel free to share your favorites in the comment section!

Wednesday, June 8

Reminder {Sunday Eclectica market}

A quick reminder that the Sunday Eclectica Market held at The Pigeon Hole Cafe is this coming Sunday. I am participating together with Lauryn of My Vintage Jewel Box and Sheau of Trashures. Hope to see you!

Sunday Eclectica
June 12, 2011
from 2 to 8pm
@ The Pigeon Hole cafe
52-53 Duxton Rd
Tanjong Pagar MRT
T:             +65 8123 1607  

Jewelry Pieces for kids {The Handmade Hullabaloo}

A quick hello to let you know that my post for The Handmade Hullaballo is live!

I am introducing you three talented labels you will love at first sight!


Hop now to The Handmade Hullabaloo for the full post!

Friday, June 3

#1 Challenge-Yourself {A Batik Dress}

If you follow this blog, you might have heard about the "Challenge-Yourself" project... or how to efficiently get things from my "side-to-do-list" done in no time ;)
It took me a lot more time than expected to complete my project #1 - a dress for my daughter Chloe, but I am happy to show you the result... the little one enjoyed the photo session, her new dress and her new plushie too {if you can guess its name I'll offer you one of my pouches}!

We started with this: 

A Batik fabric from Indonesia and a man shirt from India...

... and this is the final project:

I made the pattern for this dress myself {time consuming}, but I got my inspiration from another one she's got... the horse plushie is part of another project I have been working on for a client... more on this later this week!

The dress looks a bit big on Chloe right now, but I like to make dresses that can be worn for many years... this design is great as the belt allows you to adjust at the waist as your child grows.

Horse: Melly and Me pattern

I will announce the challenge #2 tomorrow. It will involve a bit of sewing as well, but it's much easier to do... stay tuned!

Photos credit: myself

Wednesday, June 1

L'Affiche Moderne {The Handmade Hullabaloo}

Hello! My latest blog post for The Handmade Hullabaloo is live! check it out, I have prepared a lovely post about L'Affiche Moderne, a French online gallery presenting the work of young photographers, graphic designers and children's illustrators.

These two below are my pics for my two children: the little cars and trucks with the animals driving them is so funny, my 18 month-old son would love it! He's all passionate by engines and animals at the moment. I love Sarah Jane's illustrations, and it was harder to pick something for my 4 year-old daughter... but ultimately the animals playing music is too cute to be missed!

But guess what?!... I was the lucky winner of a giveaway organised by Peggy of Paul et Paula blog last week. And the prize was a poster from L'Affiche Moderne! So I asked my daughter to show me which poster was her favorite... and she eventually picked up the pink world map {in French}.

Me: So, you don't like the one I had picked for you? 
Chloe: No. 
Me: Ha.

I will blog about it when we receive it... stay tuned!

L'Affiche Moderne :: Website :: Blog :: Facebook :: Twitter

Hop now to Little Red Bus for the full post!

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