Thursday, May 5

Summer Hill {Sydney}

On our last trip to Sydney we were lucky enough to stay in a "new" area {new to us - ha - thanks Jeff!}... Summer Hill in suburban Sydney has a village feel, a bit like the Marais in Paris... great cafes and cool shops makes it a tourist spot {if I believe what I read here} and I couldn't agree more...

Shopping street in Summer Hill

"Summer Hill is one of the older town in Australia and as a due recognition, more than hundreds properties have been listed under heritage." Source

There is a good vibe there with many families and facilities built around their needs {public playgrounds, schools, children friendly cafes etc...}. My kids had a blast at the local playground were they could mingle with local and friendly pairs.

St Andrew's Anglican Church from 1883

I loved checking out the grocery shops, especially one called Il Villagio in Hardie Ave. I couldn't resist taking a picture of the gorgeous flowers below, I miss it so much here in Singapore not seeing flower shops in the streets.

Flowers at the Fruit Shop in Short Street

I couldn't take more pictures as I was all the time with my two children which doesn't make it very easy to ask around about taking pictures of shops inside etc... but I absolutely have to share with you a couple of great finds when it comes to *shopping*:

On top of my list is the little shop called My Messy Room. A gorgeous selection of baby and children ware, home decoration items {they were selling Mae fabric wallstickers * yeahh * Belle and Boo prints etc...} and stationery/ books/ paper stuff.
I discovered gorgeous Australian labels {such as Paper Wings or Miss Haidee} and imported ones {Bright and Stripes}. Good news: the mother of two behind this gorgeous shop has a blog -> go say hello!

Another interesting shop would be Reclaim by Australian celebrity Monica Trapaga. The website doesn't really reflect the great selection of home decor items, gifts, stationery, jewelry... "a collection of her unique obsession". However I have found a blog post on The Crafty Minx by Keely Doust with a couple of nice pictures... check it out!

Ellen's Interior is yet another interior decoration shop with design services too. Great vintage finds, lovely homeware and furnitures all set up in a shop as in you walk in someone's house. Loved it!

Last but not least my greatest find was perhaps the Vinnies thrift store. I bought three second hand tops {in perfect condition} for only AU$23!!! I didn't make it there but I saw a huge Vinnies in the trendy King Street... I can spend hours and hours in shops like that... another thing I am missing here in Singapore...

If you know of any good thrift/ second hand stores in Singapore, please leave me a comment! I am heading to  a street market near Little India with a friend on Monday {hoping for great finds}. I will keep you posted of course!

There is no perfect day - holiday without a good cafe to crash and spend a couple of hours reading and dreaming {believe me it didn't happen this time with my two kids in tow}. I would highly recommend Envy Cafe Gallery for its supra good coffees, nice staff, cool backyard and yummy home-baked muffins...

Voila! this is a round-up about Summer Hill. I hope you will stop by the next time you happen to be in Sydney. I know I will be back for more... thrifting, shopping and photographying {bear with me when I invent words in English pls}.

Tomorrow {or today if you just woke up} is my blog's first birthday! Come back for more goodness ♥


StarletStarlet said...

OOOOOOOOOOOOHHH you went to Sidney!! I've only been to Melbourne, which was gorgeous. But I heard so much good things about Sidney too! Lovely lovely lovely pictures.

Marie Maglaque said...

Sydney is great! I love it... I have heard lots of good things about Melbourne too, can't wait to go there - but no plans so far :(

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