Wednesday, May 18

Sparkly * Shiny * Unique * Colorful {Net shopper bags}

So you might wonder what's so special about these bags? let me break it down for you... each bag is made of a net shopper bag {in fair trade cotton}, two types of lining of contrasting colors {one is mesh and the other is your regular silky lining}, a pompom trim and the central embroidered motif.

What certainly makes their charm is the unique mix & match of colors. No two bags will ever be the same {you will agree it's additional work when it comes to promote them, take pictures of each and every bag etc...}. Each embroidery is realized with tiny sequins and requires no less than 5 hours to complete as I carefully sew the sequins one by one... I have tried it with sequins trim, but the end result is not exactly the same. And I am a perfectionist, so I always want the best!

All the above bags are currently available in my Etsy shop here

I started making these bags back in 2003 and the design has considerably evolved with time... it's interesting to work on a product and see it change years after years... who knows how they will look like in another 10 years? This was back in 2005 when I was living in Japan {I can't show you older photos as I don't have digital data of my first bags... they are all in a pretty photo album for my records}:

The concept was the same, 
but without the pompom trim and with another type of mesh lining

The bag below was made {and sold!} last year in March:

Can you spot the different mesh lining? 
it's less shiny but brings some volume to the bag

So after this quick round-up, what are your thoughts? which one is your favorite? I really would like to share my pics of the first bags I made... I always bring my albums with me when at a showcase and my next one will be held at The Pigeon Hole Arts & Book Cafe in June 12. Hope to see you there!


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