Monday, May 16

Paper garlands {NEW design}

Finally back here blogging... we had a forced break at the end of last week as Blogger was down for more than 24 hours... hey, it's not that bad after all... I had more time to do other things!

First of all an update about my first Challenge Yourself project {please check here and here if you don't know what I'm talking about...}. It's looking great and Ms Chloe loves watching me making her a new dress... I am stuck though as the little shop in Holland Village I am buying my material from doesn't have the bias I need for the sleeves + collar... grrr... I don't want to change my design, so I will have to check out Spotlight as soon as possible! stay tuned...

In the meantime let me introduce you to my new range of paper garlands! I have just launched them in my Etsy shop and I am very happy to have {finally} started this project.

My little space at the last Sunday Eclectica market 

I have been making paper garlands since my daughter was born {4 years ago} and I absolutely love decorating my home with them. If my husband wouldn't stop me, I would happily put garlands in every single room!

This design is a bunting banner style, made of hand painted paper from India {but sourced locally here in Singapore}. I have created several one and two meters garlands in two colors {so far red and green}. Each little flag is fixed on a nice creamy ribbon. I have other designs in the making, I love experimenting!

All fashion illustrations by pandapanda

I even have a board on Pinterest exclusively for pretty garlands... check it out here for inspiration!

If you love them, then share the love and let your friends know about it :). If you have a special request {banner for a birthday, party, room decoration etc...}, let me know about it and I will see how well I can suit your needs!

All photos taken by myself at The Pigeon Hole arts & books cafe in Tanjong Pagar, Singapore


{ to be charmed } said...

The paper garland is so cute!

Cheers ~ Elizabeth

Marie Maglaque said...

Hi Elizabeth! thanks for stopping by... and for your sweet comment too!

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