Friday, May 27

hello handmade gallery {featured}

Hello lovelies,

Today is Friday and they are many reasons to be happy... but I have one super good news to share with you today: I made it to the gallery of the wonderful German site hello handmade... Hurray!!

Can you tell I am *happy*? 

As Sophie Pester states it herself on the website, hello handmade is a place for independent, handmade design and original ideas. hello handmade wants to support the growing handmade-scene and provide a new network for its creative members as well as other parties interested in their products, projects and ideas.

Sophie, the owner and initiator of the website, is a designer from Hamburg in Germany. She's been active in the handmade-scene for the last 6 years. She also founded her handmade label Jodii in the summer of 2007.

Look at the entire gallery here, there are so many gorgeous designer featured! Today I am featured with liekeland, a Dutch label selling huge illustrated tea mugs, Seilgeschichten, a German label from Hamburg that is creating accessories made of ropes {impressive} and Parvenew, a German streetwear label.

I would like to highlight the feature of one of my favorite French jewelry designer, Emma Cassi. She's such an inspiration, her handmade jewelry pieces are just AMAZING!
Emma Cassi  {website} {blog}

hello handmade {website} {blog} {facebook}


Chuzai Living said...

How cool!! Congratulations!!! It's inspiring that you are working hard to pursue your passion!

Marie Maglaque said...

I work as hard as you do Kaho!!!

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