Thursday, May 5

Happy First Birthday!

Today is my blog's first birthday... a year ago I decided to document with a blog my creative pursuits thinking it would do me some good. I had been blogging for many years before that on behalf of my daughter and mainly to help our families keep in touch with our {exciting} life in South East Asia {Frimousse}.

First photos posted exactly one year ago here and here

Reading back my own words is also interesting and it makes me realize that time is passing by quickly; then why am I not doing more, creating more?

I started making these bags many years ago back in 2003. They looked a bit different at that time but it was basically the same idea.
I enjoyed the process but got tired of it all in 2006 when I moved to Singapore (I had sold my sewing machine before leaving Japan too)... then took a long break looking after Chloe (and we moved to Thailand - where I bought a new sewing machine)... and now I am starting all over again.
I still had 5 net shopper bags left from the Japanese years and so I decided 3 weeks ago to give it a try. I must say it is quite a success as they are all sold out already...

Well, of course one reason is that I now have two kids to look after {and a husband - huhu} but sometimes it's also a lack of planning/ organizing my day or challenging myself more.
I couldn't recommend more the free planners by Charlie of Productive Flourishing. It has helped me a lot with keeping a healthy blog posts flow.

Another highly recommended tool is Holly Becker's Blogging Your Way e-course. It has been so useful in getting me started and I enjoyed learning about insider's tips and tricks {thanks to Leslie for the photography tips} and I met wonderful bloggers who have become friends. 

A big Thank you! goes to Elizabeth of To Be Charmed who rebranded and redesigned my blog. It's a big step I took last year after the BYW course, and I couldn't be happier with the result.

Thank you to Ann of Little Red Bus for trusting me and allowing me to be be part of the wonderful The Handmade Hullabaloo team of contributors. I love it there!

A big shout out to my followers, family, friends or fellow bloggers all over the world. I wouldn't make it happen everyday without your constant support. You rock!!

I know bigger challenges are lying ahead of me, and one is to turn Etincelle Creative STUDIO into a successful business that will allow me to stay with my children {vs a 9-5 corporate job} while actually DOING something creative! it's very rewarding, isn't it?

I am looking forward to discover what's in store for me in the coming year... 
... and stay tuned as I will come back later today with a list of weekly challenges to keep me going!


Chaulafanita said...

Hi! I'm Julia from the Divas and dreams contest.

Of course you can buy a print from this photo. I have a Etsy Shop so if you want i can put this shot for sale.

Here's the link to my shop:

Just let me know if you want this photo, you can write me to:

By the way, thanks for your vote!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations dear on your first birthday! Cant wait to see your creations on Sunday, TC, Anna

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