Wednesday, May 11

Bohemian Interior {Richard Dale}

Another great discovery over at MILK {if you haven't subscribed to their newsletter yet, perhaps it's time to do so...}. I am super excited to share with you the fantastic interior of British film director Richard Dale, interior shared with his daughter India...
This is exactly how I would love my place to look like... a bourgeois-bohème atmosphere with vintage pieces harmoniously mixed with design furnitures and treasures brought back from exotic destinations.

1. India in the salon  2. Doorway  3.Vintage luggages next to an amazing skeleton of an armchair!
4. Salle à manger  5. Bedroom  6. India's girly bedroom 
7. Father & Daughter in the patio

Don't lie to me! I am sure you would like to lounge on the superb re-upholstered couch {oh, my!}, or leisurely spend an afternoon drinking mint tea {with me, remember it's my supposed home} in the patio.

Source: MILK website here
All photos by Karel Balas {founder with Isis Colombe Balas of MILK mag}{info found on Pirouette blog}


Jennie Prince said...

This interior is so lovely! There is something very worldly and dreamy about the young girl's bedroom that I love!

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